EOS News Today – Headlines for December 18

  • Coin Metrics carries out adequate research on different blockchain network with focus on node operations
  • EOS receives an F ranking from Coin Metrics
  • Why EOS and other crypto platforms got low rankings

EOS News Today – As competition mounts in the blockchain space, prospective users and investors need to carry out thorough research to find out the blockchains with the best fundamental strength. For quite some time now, Ethereum has been the favorite platform for many developers and users. Nevertheless, over the past three years, many rivalries have shown up in the industry, making it difficult for users to decide which blockchain is the best.

According to a recent report, Coinmetrics is now carrying out adequate research on various blockchain networks. The analytic platform is paying more attention to the node operations of the networks. The research team assessed an array of different factors and gave a B to Ethereum while giving Binance Chain and EOS F ratings.

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Coin Metrics Gives EOS an F in Node Operations Rankings

In the latest “State of the Network” report by Coin Metrics, the analytics and research company offers a ranking of the top ten blockchain projects by market cap, with focus on their node operations. According to the ranking details, the firm said that it ranked full nodes on several levels (A, B, C, and F) based on their ease of update, maintenance, and synchronization.

Stellar Lumens (XLM) and Ripple’s XRP were not ranked, as they must depend on API data from the Stellar Foundation and Ripple. Among the top ten digital currencies they ranked, Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), and Bitcoin SV all received ‘A’ ranks.

At the moment, these rankings are highly relevant, as nodes are fundamentals that underpin all blockchain networks, connect the P2P network, run and verify the blockchain, and more. EOS, Ethereum, and Binance Chain received low rankings. The firm gave EOS an F and Ethereum a B.

Here’s Why EOS and Others Got Low Rankings

Ethereum, which is the largest altcoin by market cap and one of the most popular platforms for creating DApps, got a ‘B’ ranking from the analytics firm. The firm gave Ethereum a low ranking because users need to run a tracing node to undergo historical ledger auditing. It usually takes a long time for this node variant to synchronize, which is why it got a B.

Only two cryptos among the top received an F rating, Binance Chain and EOS. EOS got a low ranking because of the difficulty of extracting the data needed to complete an audit. The low ranking of Binance Chain is due to its complex fee schedule for its Decentralized Exchange and its closed source network.

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