Cardano News Today – Top Headline for Cardano ADA, December 19th, 2019

  • Weiss Crypto Ratings termed ADA as Undervalued
  • Huobi Wallet to Support ADA Staking During Cardano Mainnet Live

Recently, Weiss Crypto Ratings, a crypto department of the eponymous financial rating company has put Cardano (ADA) in the news by terming the token as one of the most “deeply undervalued” digital assets. It says that the price of the ADA token does not exhibit the project’s basics. Though the agency has failed to expatiate on the basis behind the bullish call.

As seen on the Agency’s twitter account, the tweet went thus: “Cardano is easily one of the most deeply undervalued #crypto assets on the market. Its price doesn’t reflect its fundamentals. #cryptocurrency #ADA #altcoins #Cardano.”

Sometime in November, Weiss resolved that Cardano was “vastly superior” to EOS. It seems Cardano has fallen out of the agency’s good book due to its centralized governance pattern. Weiss also commended Cardano for systematically researching and testing new features before releasing them.

Their tweet in November went thus: “3/4 here’s why #Cardano is superior: none of these things would’ve happened if #EOS took its time and did its research. When new features roll out in Cardano, they’re thoroughly tested, so you can be sure they’ll work with no unintended consequences. #ADA. 4/4 Research is king in #crypto, and very few are doing it. #cryptocurrency #ADA #Cardano #EOS $EOS $ADA.”

So far, ADA has received a B+ for adoption and technology while its risk-reward earned them an E+. According to Weiss, the project’s technology is brilliant but its price performance is very weak.

Huobi Wallet to Support ADA Staking During Cardano Mainnet Live

Something great is coming for Huobi wallet users. The exchange platform in a recent tweet declared that the Huobi users can partake in staking ADA currency to earn rewards. The tweet went thus:

“Huobi Wallet app will support #ADA staking once Cardano mainnet is live. Meanwhile, HuobiWallet node will be launched for Shelley Incentivized Testnet, you are welcome to delegate your stake with us.”

The tweet states that when the Cardano mainnet goes live on the Huobi wallet, it will support the Staking of ADA. Wallet users are summoned to allot their stakes during this mainnet. The Huobi wallet node will also be available for Shelley Incentivized testnet and more information will be revealed soon in the coming days on their social media page.

Cardano is one of the major decentralized cryptocurrency networks worldwide. To promote their recently launched Shelley network, they have launched several reward programs using their ADA crypto coins. ADA signifies the amount of participation stake on the network. The amount of ADA is equal to the size of the stake. If one holds 5% ADA, he has 5% participation in the network. The rewards will be sent to the mainnet after the incentivized testnet ends.

Max writes about blockchain projects and regulation with a special focus on United States and China. He joined Smarterum after years of writing for various media outlets.


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