Tron News Today – Top Headline for Tron TRX, December 21st, 2019

  • Disney blocks Tron from claiming trademarks carrying TRON
  • Justin Sun donates $1 million to Greta Thunberg

Disney, the media giant and entertainment firm have blocked Justin Sun’s blockchain platform Tron from obtaining trademarks carrying the brand name TRON and two other variants, stating that the applications could cause damage to its brand. The applications were blocked on November 6 by the U.S Patent and Trademark Office. So far, according to a report by Decrypt, Tron has filed no response.

Disney over the years has created a large part of its multi-billion-dollar kingdom on prestigious branding and global marketing campaigns for successful franchises from its vast film division. Delivering hit movies from Walt Disney, Animation Studios, Marvel Studio, 20th Century Fox, Blue Sky Studio, Fox Searchlight Pictures, Fox 2000 Pictures, Lucasfilm, Pixar, and Walt Disney Pictures.

“Tron” on the other hand is a 1982 sci-fi movie produced by Walt Disney Productions, grossing $50 million at the box office. A sequel to the movie was released on December 17, 2010, titled “Tron: Legacy”. The movie made massive sakes at the box office, grossing $400 million globally and producing the animated series “Tron: Uprising.”

The plot of Tron: Legacy is linked with the digital world. According to the official synopsis released by Walt Disney Production:

“The son of a virtual world designer goes looking for his father and ends up inside the digital world that his father designed. He meets his father’s corrupted creation and a unique ally who was born inside the digital world.”

Founded by Justin Sun, Tron is a blockchain network that uses its native cryptocurrency Tron (TRX) to run a digital crypto-economy of global digital entertainment content. The network uses distributed storage technology to allow users to share digital content effortlessly and affordably. Last year, the network bought file-sharing giant BitTorrent for over $100 million.

Justin Sun Donates $1 Million to Greta Thunberg

A Google search shows Tron, the movie, dominating search results with tickets from IMDb, Disney Movies, Tron Wiki Fandom, Rotten Tomatoes, and YouTube. For users to be able to get Tron crypto content, users will have to use keywords “Tron TRX”, “Tron crypto”, “Tron blockchain”, and “Justin Sun Tron.”

TRX is currently the 12th largest cryptocurrency, with a market cap of $898.2 million. Sun made the headlines earlier this year after attending Warren Buffett’s yearly charity auction where he won a lunch date with the prominent investor after contributing $4.6 million to Glide Foundation. Glide Foundation is a firm that supports the homeless in San Francisco. Recently, Sun pledged $1 million to support environmental activist Greta Thunberg.

TRON (TRX) Price Today – TRX / USD


Commenting on this, Sun went thus:

“As a young entrepreneur, I share @GretaThunberg’s passion to change the world. Crypto will contribute immensely to reducing carbon footprint by implementing the decentralized settlement. I would like to personally commit USD$1 Mil to @GretaThunberg ’s initiative. #cop25”


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