Tron News Today – Top Headline for Tron TRX, December 26th, 2019

  • Tron incorporation of BitTorrent to aid adoption
  • Tron rolls out new features to enhance its network

Last year, Justin Sun bought BitTorrent for about $120 million, in the bid to grow Tron’s ecosystem. BitTorrent once ran up to 40% of the world’s Internet traffic and had over 100 million active users when Sun attained it. Since the acquisition of BitTorrent, Tron has rolled out new features and continued to advance BitTorrent.

Though BitTorrentSpeed was effected several months ago, users have only begun to use this Blockchain-based application thoroughly a few weeks ago. To date, BitTorrentSpeed has been installed on over 200,000 computers globally. Over 60,000 active people globally use BitTorrentSpeed daily.

So far, South Korea has the largest users with over 16,000 active users, then Russia and Brazil. Commenting on this @BitTorrent stated: “#BitTorrentSpeed is installed on 200K computers worldwide, 12K users join and almost 60K people are using it every day! Countries of Top 5, DAU for #BitTorrentSpeed. South Korea-16k Russia-14.5K, Brazil-13.5K, India-9.1K and USA-8.7K.”

BitTorrentSpeed rewards users with the platform’s BitTorrentToken in exchange for sowing and providing extra bandwidth. The amplified bandwidth permits swift downloads and uploads. Over 100 million users have the chance to support the decentralized internet by utilizing the Torrent-Client.

Tron Rolls Out New Features to Enhance its Network

Recently, the BitTorrent network recorded over 3,000 nodes distributed globally. Most of these nodes are situated in North America, Europe, and Asia. Also, the number of registered users in the Tron network has increased to over 4.3 million, with over 60,000 new users joining weekly.

Also, TeamJustDev has released the test network of the blockchain game Just. Game. Tron also launched the test network for anonymous transactions by utilizing zk-snarks.

TRON (TRX) Price Today – TRX / USD


So far, experts in the crypto industry have good things to say about Altcoins, which can illustrate a real application in people’s day-to-day lives. Altcoins like VeChain, BAT, Cardano, and Chainlink.

Tron price analysis –Tron price began a fresh decline after it failed to surpass the $0.0160 resistance against the U.S dollar, TRX price is currently trading below the $0.0142 and $0.0145 resistance levels. There was a break below a key bullish trend line with the support close to $0.0140 on the 4-hours chart. The bears are likely to gain momentum if there is a clear break below the $0.0132 support level. Currently, Tron price is displaying a few bearish signs against the U.S dollar and Bitcoin. TRX price stays at risk of additional losses below the $0.0132 and $0.0130 support levels.


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