Cardano News Today – Top Headline for Cardano ADA, December 27th, 2019

  • Cardano unravel series of updates for the stability of its network
  • ADA price analysis – ADA price declines slightly over the last 24 Hours

Recently, the Cardano blockchain foundation announced the release of a new update on its network on Christmas Eve. Also, according to PoolTool, the blockchain’s new incentivized Shelley testnet has reached outstanding feet of 8.9 billion ADA coin staked (circa $300.335 million). The 8.9 Billion stacked ADA accounts for only 28.7% of the 31 billion overall supply available.

Cardano (ADA) Price Today – ADA / USD


According to Hoskinson, Cardano team worked on the wallet backend and Daedalus to guarantee the steadiness of the blockchain network, and better user interface. Hoskinson state that the development was a significant step for Cardano, and it was done by some members of the team who resolved not to go on holiday.

The new version of Daedalus (v2.0.1-ITNI) released by Cardano is aimed at defeating bugs on the network. It also affected the balance and stake pool display for some users. According to Hoskinson, by January, Cardano should have a full team and all the complaints from users would be attended to. Hoskinson concluded that another significant update is that 500 stake pools have registered. Earlier, when the number of the registered stake pools was at 340, Hoskinson stated that he was overwhelmed by the response and growth attained. He went thus:

“We’re just super excited about the overwhelming response. When we planned this out, we said we’d probably have 25 to 50 independent stake pools beyond the Emurgo, IOHK and CF [Cardano Foundation] infrastructure. We’re now looking at about 340 that have registered. We’ve already gotten past that saturation point of 100. So it’s pretty amazing to see the overwhelming response, and it’s pretty amazing to see the level of enthusiasm and passion that people have.”

ADA price analysis – ADA price declines slightly over the last 24 Hours

ADA price trend has been disheartening for traders who are looking to ending the year well. All price moves are indicating towards a bearish end. The projections of the intraday movement are not positive. Though, the chances of growth are still dangling as the currency is recording marginal loss.

The ADA coin began trading yesterday at $0.0339, the price declined to $0.0335 by 1.22%. The coin deteriorated to $0.0337 by a slight hike of 0.54%. The price recovery was ensued by a massive decline. The ADA price declined to $0.0329 by 2.47%. The price gained momentum once again and surged to $0.03356 by 1.94%. ADA coin traded at $0.0334 for the rest of the day and ended the day with the same price level. Today, ADA coin started the day with a price decline, the price counter moved from $0.0334 to $0.0332 by 0.64%. The price surged to $0.0335 by 0.79%, then followed by a price decline that saw the coin decline to $0.0333 by 0.72%.

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