EOS News Today – Headlines for December 27

  • Vitalik Buterin shows interest in Voice
  • Buterin wants to be a beta tester of Voice
  • EOS-based social media project, Voice, aims to improve social media

EOS News Today – The creator of Ethereum – Vitalik Buterin – is not shying away from an ambitious social media project that one of its major rivals is working on. Recently, via a tweet, Vitalik Buterin showed interest in Voice – a social media project that is based on the blockchain of EOS. The beta version of the project is slated for launch on February 14 next year.

Ethereum’s Creator Wants to Join the Ranks of Voice’s Beta Testers

The creator of Ethereum was bold to express interest in the project, an action many would shy away from. He said that he was looking forward to seeing the innovations of the project after joining the ranks of its better testers.

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EOS’s Voice Aims to Better Social Media

The creator of EOS – Block.One – created Voice back in July. The firm created the EOS-based social media project with the aim of solving the main pain of social media today. According to the CEO of the firm – Brendan Blumer – these platforms are meant to “use their users.” In a statement, the CEO of the firm said:

Just look at the business model. Our Content. Our data. Our attention. These are all incredibly valuable things.”

The CEO was quick to join the conversation by saying the response of Buterin was valuable for his firm. He also said that it was difficult to moderate content but they will be able to fish out government-driven censorship right off the bat. Responding to Buterin’s tweet, Blumer said:

Awesome, we very much value your feedback. We cannot solve every problem on day one, but we are focusing initially on transparency, alignment between the user and platform, and driving value back to content creators.”

“Moderation is complex and requires dynamic and customizable solutions, which we are aiming to enable over time. That said, censorship driven by corporate interests as opposed to legal requirements, are easily rectifiable at the onset.”

Jack Dorsey Steps in the Crypt Space

As earlier reported, Jack Dorsey – the CEO of Twitter and Square – has started gathering a team for creating a decentralized standard for social media. The CEO revealed his plans to make the social media platform more decentralized earlier this month. Many crypto buffs and analysts believe that the idea of Dorsey is fascinating. Vitalik Buterin also said that the idea is really interesting and cool.

The tread about the importance of decentralized social media platforms was reignited on Twitter after YouTube – Google’s video streaming platform – started removing content from a bevy of digital currency-related accounts.

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