Cryptocurrency News Today – Headlines for December 27

  • YouTube claims the recent censorship of digital currency content on its platform was an error
  • The platform has stressed that affected videos will be restored
  • YouTube channels are slowly recovering following the ordeal

Cryptocurrency News Today – It appears that the recent report relating to cryptocurrency and YouTube (which has been the most discussed news in the crypto space in the past few days) is coming to an end. At the time YouTube, the largest video streaming giant, appeared to be blocking crypto content on its platform.

Fears of a crypto purge began to surface as many accounts were affected. Without prior notice about any crackdown, the video giant started to ban and remove crypto-related videos from its platform tagging them as “harmful” content. However, according to YouTube, the incident is not a crypto ban, it is a mistake.

Youtube’s Explanation for the Crypto Purge

As we reported two days earlier, YouTube started to mark crypto-related channels. Some of the channels that got affected by the purge were Chris Dunn TV, Crypto Zombie, Ivan on Tech, The Moon, and Nugget’s News. These are among the most popular YouTube crypto channels. While a few channels were penalized or ‘blocked,’ (meaning they were stopped from publishing new content for at least seven days), the videos of others were removed from the platform.

The situation was escalating as time passed even to the following day (it received an unofficial name YouTube’s crypto purge). With many affected influencers, the crypto community began to speculate on different possible reasons why this might be happening.

Even though YouTube did not immediately offer any official explanation about why it was blocking crypto content, some thought that it’s censoring the YouTube community by banning digital currency and Bitcoin. However, after long anticipation, the Google owned video platform responded to the case by calling the incident an error. Here is their statement on YouTube’s official Twitter account:

“The issue was caused by an error on our side after a review. Affected videos should be reinstated and all strikes will be resolved.”

The Restoration Process Has Been Slow

After YouTube’s official response, all affected channels have been slowly recovering. Some YouTubers have confirmed that their videos are being restored, others claim that their videos haven’t been restored. Chris Dunn who was probably one of the first users affected by the purge after his videos were removed and labeled as “harmful content, also acknowledges that he Google-owned platform has shown a change of heart, saying that some of his videos have already been restored. However, dozens of his videos are still missing, as of press time. Whether YouTube did this on purpose (may be some of Youtube’s employees who doesn’t like Bitcoin) remains to be seen.

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