Tron News Today – Headlines for December 28

  • Tron censors an Ethereum defector – POP Network
  • Tron accused of being centralized

Tron News Today – An Ethereum project migrating to the blockchain of Tron was separated and erased. This shows the inconsistencies in the blockchain project’s supposed mission of censorship resistance and decentralization. Earlier this year, a startup developing better decentralized peer-to-peer media streaming – POP Network – chose to move from the blockchain of Ethereum to the blockchain of Tron to leverage its greater speed.

Over the past months, the founder of Tron – Justin Sun – has been encouraging such kind of migrations. In December last year, Sun encouraged developers to switch during the mass layoffs at Ethereum hub ConsenSys.

“We would love to fund #Ethereum developers to migrate their works to #TRON. Super easy! Always #BUIDL!”

The Tron Foundation also provided varieties of contests and grants to entice those that would move its blockchain.

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Tron Censors POP Network – An Ethereum Defector

POP Network was one of the firms that moved to the blockchain of Tron from Ethereum. The firm created the BTTX Tron Token on Tronscan. POP Network was able to start a crowd sale immediately. The firm used “Participate” – an inbuilt feature on Tronscan. They also submitted more information to Tronscan to become a verified provider just before the sale, according to the managing director of the project – Valerian Bennett.

The sale lasted for 21 days and then all the tokens disappeared suddenly. Bennett said that the firm contacted several support channels for Tronscan and they did not get a response as to why and how their tokens disappeared. This is an event that is absolutely impossible if Tron were effectively decentralized.

Without getting any useful response, the firm went on to create another token. The firm created BITX, without using Tronscan. Rather, the company created a smart contract to sell the token. A few hours after creating the new coin, the parent firm of BitTorrent – Rainberry Inc. – threatened to sue. After a period of three days, the token was removed from Tronscan. Bennett said, “at this point, we concluded the ban was likely purposeful.”

Tron Erased a Legitimate Project from the Its Blockchain

Tronscan is the only block explorer of Tron. This means that any service that uses Tronscan will no longer display the token, including all Tron wallets. As such, the project was impossible to develop further. In an attempt to resolve this issue, the firm reached out to BitTorrent and Tron top executives. The firm also said it has answered a wide range of technical questions about the project. In a tweet, he said:

“Tron knowingly disappeared a legitimate project from the Tron blockchain it felt was a competition to a Tron Foundation-backed initiative, BTT (‘BitTorrent Token’).”

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