Cardano News Today – Headlines for December 31

cardano ada price
  • ADA price variation embarks price recovery
  • 2020 will be a beast for Cardano – Charles Hoskinson

Predicting the ADA token with its current price movement has been difficult, though there are speculations that the ADA token will have a bright future. More often than not, the currency loses its momentum once it gets to the recovery stage. Though intraday trading is expected to remain static, traders interested in Cardano can still trade with a high prospect.

Cardano Price Analysis – Cardano began with a progressive price trend from $0.0332 to $0.336 by 1.11%. The price declined to $0.00335 instantly by 0.41%. The currency surged to $0.0342 by 2.12%, then decline to $0.0340 by 0.80%. The price found recovery at $0.0341 and positioned itself at that level. The coin ended the day at $0.0341. The intraday movement showed a 2.58% increment in the price.

Today, Cardano began with a decline of 1.02%, the price trend changed from $0.0341 to $0.0338. The price of the ADA token increased to $0.0340, then to $0.0341. Afterward, the price decline to $0.0338 by a minimal fall. The price increase in an hour later to $0.0341 and decline further to $0.0337. Currently, ADA is at $0.0337, it seems the price might break the next support level at $0.0335.

ADA showed a price fluctuation and upsurge by 2.04, the price went further high by 2.57%. There are no further surges expected, though, the price resistance is at 0.034852 USD. With no extreme bullish trends, the coin would resist decline to a static level.

2020 will be a beast for Cardano – Charles Hoskinson

Charles Hoskinson, the founder of Cardano claims the year 2020 will be an exceptional year for ADA. Those who are keen about Cardano are thrilled about the future of the token. With the launch of Shelley incentivized testnet, the coming year is projected to be a positive one. The whole ecosystem will gain from the change. Hoskinson in a recent tweet, stated: “Moving the claims slowly. 2020 is our year. Smart contracts, scalability, decentralization, high assurance, governance. Time to make a dent in the universe.”

The aim of the company currently is to reach 1000 stake pools to finally become more decentralized than before, especially better than EOS. Hoskinson claims that “Cardano in 2020 will be a beast.” The ADA token is close to reaching the market worth of over $1 billion. It is gradually becoming an extremely functional network than before. The network will see a lot of improvement and implementations in the coming year. It is projected that more users will join the system, followed by innovations. Though, it is still ambiguous if truly 2020 is Cardano’s year.


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