Ripple XRP News Today – Top Headline for Ripple XRP January 1st, 2020

Ripple XRP Price Prediction
  • XRP seeks support after price rejection
  • Millions of dollars worth of XRP being tracked

Ripple’s native token currently has a market cap of $8,373,783,14, trading volume of $1,145,005,908 and it is currently trading between $0.17 and $0.20. Previously, XRP’s bulls made a failed attempt to break the $0.20 price level. This was not the first time XRP will encounter price rejection at $0.20. Currently, the coin has retraced and found support at $0.19. Though the price is not stable, it is fluctuating above $0.19 but the coin trades in the $0.17 zone. While on the upside, should the current support holds, XRP will likely experience a surge again and retest the $0.20 price level.

XRP (XRP) Price Today – XRP / USD

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With determinations, if the bulls can pull through above $0.20, XRP will rally above $0.23. The currency will continue with its bullish trend. Also, if the bears decline beneath the current low, it shows that the price might persist for days. But, if the bears break below $0.17, it shows that the downtrend will continue.

XRP is progressing gradually as the price level is above the 12-day EMA. Another move above the 26-day EMA will push the coin into the bullish zone. The currency will be ready to continue its bullish move. The MACD line and the signal line are beneath the zero lines which shows that XRP is in the trade zone.

The bulls have made strong efforts to push up the price of the coin. Traders should be on the lookout and study the current support hold before making any long-term trading decisions. A restriction should be placed at $0.17 to minimize loss.

XRP Price Prediction – Ripple XRP Price Prediction

Marking the end of the month and the year, the coin is trading in the red zone. XRP was trading in the red zone by 1.90%, the price trend is moving towards another bearish zone. The next key support to the downside persists at $0.1500. It seems XRP will be starting the New Year trapped in the bearish zone, with little to no signs of change. The price is currently positioned beneath the crucial monthly support at $0.2300.

Millions of Dollars Worth of XRP Being Tracked

Cryptocurrency Whale Watchers are tracking down the movement of millions worth of XRP. On Monday morning, a wallet activated by Ripple’s founder and former CEO Chris Larsen received 60,000,000 XRP from an anonymous wallet. A few minutes later, the wallet linked to Larsen sent 56,994,820 XRP to another anonymous wallet.

It is still unclear what exact reason these funds were transferred and to whom. There have been several speculations from XRP-based forum XRPChat that Larsen is the owner of the wallets.


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