Cardano ADA News Today – Top Headline for Cardano ADA, January 13th, 2020

  • Cardano Price Analysis – ADA’s trading price touched the breakpoint
  • 2 platforms U.S traders can use to trade Cardano (ADA) without paying commission

The trading price of ADA which increased with 1.10% has persisted in a bearish zone for the past months. Notable, for someday now, the coin has gained significantly. The recent price surge was supported by $0.030, enabling the price to attain the wedge’s resistance at $0.038 before a minor decline.

Cardano (ADA) Price Today – ADA / USD


A few days ago, ADA traders reformed and drove the price of the coin to the above-stated resistance. The market appears to be getting set for another price rally which might lead to a wedge break. If the break happens, ADA mightly likely increase to $0.041 and $0.053 resistance.

The daily RSI and MACD are indicating a positive move as there seem to be additional bullish move might be close. Though, if ADA fails to break the wedge and then it is followed by price rejection, the price may decline back to $0.035, $0.032 and also $0.030 support level.

Although, if ADA can depend on the next support on the hourly RSI and MACD, the price of the coin may retest $0.038 and possibly $0.0398. if it fails to seek support on these levels, it could lead to a critical selling at $0.035 support. A sell below this support level would validate a retrace on the hourly time frame. If Cardano can clear the $0.038 resistance, a moderate bullish price rally is likely to occur. If not, the market would persist in the continuous bearish trend.

2 platforms U.S traders can use to trade Cardano (ADA) without paying commission

Free trading has been giving conventional markets a chase, as most brokerage firms use this payment model to stay ahead of competitors. The American law stopping most investors from utilizing most of the major crypto exchange platforms, it is quite difficult to find an exchange suitable for one’s trading volume. Below are two exchange platforms U.S traders can utilize without having to pay a commission fee.

Binance U.S – this is a new spin-off of the regulatory bodies, Binance U.S is created mainly for American traders. The exchange platform has similar features to the main Binance platform. New users are allotted 30-days of fee-free trading when they sign up, also they get a bonus of $15 for completing Fiat Verification.

Voyager – this is a new platform, which is gradually growing. The platform gives fee-free trading for over 30 digital assets including Cardano (ADA).

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