Cardano Latest News – Top Headline for Cardano ADA, January 21st, 2020

  • Cardano’s CEO shares a new update on the incentivized testnet and Cardano’s plans for the forthcoming months
  • Cardano’s CEO to partake in Davos 2020
  • Big plans for the coming month

In a recent AMA held on January 17, 2020, Cardano founder, Charles Hoskinson expatiated on the projected plans on Cardano’s development. Hoskinson explained that the project is developing immensely, especially in the past six weeks. He also highlighted the achievement with ADA Gantt Chart, Shelley, and the Voltaire Roadmap.

Haskell Update

Hoskinson revealed during the AMA session that the development team will soon launch an update of the backend of the Haskell wallet weekly. He went thus:

“We are now on to a wonderful release case. So every week, we are releasing a new version of the Haskell wallet backend called the “Trans Tier Project” – a wallet with a library and development kit for backend infrastructure. We’ve been having great conversations with our exchange partners on how we can make this more fuller and packaged for them.”

Additionally, a new testnet update is to be released every Wednesday, where feedbacks of the users is handled. Hoskinson also stressed on the topic of staking as a service. This is a very important topic for the Cardano community as many exchanges are keen on discussing on this service.

Daedalus Ledger Wallet Update

The Cardano Daedalus wallet will also be released weekly. With the recent update, the hardware wallet incorporation of Daedalus will be finalized. Hoskinson declared that users will be able to incorporate Daedalus into their Ledger hardware wallets. Thus, this will allow ledger users to handle their accounts via Daedalus.

Cardano’s CEO to partake in Davos 2020

The Cardano team and its partners will be partaking in the Davos 2020 Conference in Switzerland. According to Hoskinson, he plans to use the event for networking with other industry leaders at the World Economic Forum.

He added that he will partake in several interviews in the forthcoming months to influence the awareness of Cardano in the future. The Cardano team will work effortlessly to bring ADA to different exchanges like Bitfinex, with whom, Hoskinson confirms, dialogues are already underway.

Big plans for Cardano in the coming month

Going further, Hoskinson states that February will welcome several activities linked to the growth of Cardano. In mid-February, the Hydra paper is to be launched, also an update of the Cardano main chain and an OBFT hard fork. He also disclosed that there is an upcoming collaboration with the European Union, as an influence with the IBM Research team, for a distributed software project.

Cardano (ADA) Price Today – ADA / USD


Also, the community will provide financial grants to several individuals to provide funds for developers to promote ecosystem development vigorously.


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