Tezos News Today – Headlines for January 21

  • Tezos foundation is giving free XTZ tokens
  • Users must complete the Recaptcha puzzle to receive tokens
  • Price of Tezos spikes by 5% against BTC

Tezos News Today – several digital currency networks have organizes giveaways for their users from time to time. After all, the ultimate goal of any protocol is to draw in more users for its offering. Now, one of the networks has organized a giveaway of its own which is good news for crypto lovers and users who seek giveaways.

Tezos announced a Tezos XTZ tokens giveaway recently. The network also stated how users can participate in the scheme. It gave directions on how users can receive their free tokens earlier in the week. The scheme which is only available to Tezos wallet users is called the “Tezos Foundation Faucet.”

How Can Tezos Wallet Users Receive Free XTZ Tokens?

For Tezos wallet users to receive free Tezos (XTZ) tokens, they must enter their wallet address. The next step is to complete a Recaptcha puzzle and join a queue. After this, the user will receive 0.01 XTZ, (Tezos is trading at $0.0148 at press time). About 10 Tezos addresses can get funds at the same time. Per the report, user wallet addresses that have received giveaway tokens will be blocked temporarily from the free faucet for 12 hours. The Tezos Foundation said the goal of the scheme is to ginger developers and for examination purposes.

It safe to say users cannot expect to get rich from the free faucet. The Tezos Foundation stated that no one should depend on the faucet’s availability in the long-run. It’s up to Tezos alone to turn off or alter the parameters of the scheme. All in all, it remains a great deal for users who want to try some XTZ tokens, even though it isn’t as great as airdrops (where crypto firms give out tokens to users for free). The Tezos faucet website advises users to be cautious.

Price of XTZ Spiked by 5% Against Bitcoin

It appears the price of Tezos (XTZ) has spiked by 5% against BTC following the free faucet’s scheme. It isn’t uncommon to pair tokens like Tezos in correlation with Bitcoin. Hence, the reason why the 5% gain is against BTC. The price of the digital asset has risen by 5% since the Tezos network announced that it will be giving out tokens to its users. This spike, although little comes as a relief to members of the crypto space because small capped tokens like Tezos were completely outplayed during the extended bearish season.


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