Bitcoin Cash News Today – Headlines for January 22

bitcoin cash bch upgrade hard fork 32mb block size may 15 upgrade
  • Bravio announces the development of tokenized iGaming platform
  • LFE to become the first Football Club Stock Exchange that uses Blockchain
  • LFECash wallet holders will have access to multiple themed Bitcoin Cash decentralized iGames

Bitcoin Cash News Today – iGaming fans now have something new to be happy about. This isn’t farfetched considering the arrangement just concluded by Bravio. According to reports, lottery service provider Bravio has announced a Software Management and Content Licencing Deal with LFE Group Holdings Limited.

LFE Group Holdings Limited is the owner of LFECash, The London Football Exchange, and LFE Football Group. Bravio, the operator of, will ensure that LFE Group Holdings Limited will become the world’s first 100% integrated Football Club Stock Exchange that harnesses the power of Blockchain technology.  Following up from its most recent market announcement, LFE Group Holdings Limited is looking to scale its token reach further and launch its LFECash on multiple exchanges which will also include the Exchange.

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Details of the Arrangement

Under the agreement with LFE Group Holdings Limited, Bravio has given LFE access to its iGaming technology without restrictions. This includes free to play products. It also includes quick-fire monetized social Games. Bravio has opted to carry out the development and supply along with management responsibility for a digital iGaming vertical, the first of its kind.

The enhanced platform will feature LFECash and real money iGaming entertainment like poker, slots/casino, quick-fire LFECash Keno games, and a fully integrated Sports Book. Bravio will be fully responsible for every technical and administrative service related to the project.

Furthermore, once enhanced the LFECash iGaming platform aims to support internationally recognized mega Jackpot lotteries such as the US PowerBall and the US Mega Millions, allowing any LFECash holder the opportunity to purchase original lottery tickets directly from the tokenized LFECash wallet.

The Agreement will Improve LFECash’s Adoption

The platform will support a broad assortment of consumer games, hence, allowing LFECash to be widely adopted among non-football and football fans around the globe. LFE’s iGaming platform will be integrated and easily accessible from LFE’s website or other affiliated distribution platforms according to the LFE Group desire.

The proposed entry points for the platform, if needed can be tailored to every LFE Group affiliate partner. Per the agreement, LFECash wallet holders will be able to gain direct access to many Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash themed decentralized iGames. Finally, LFECash customers will also be able to pay for entry into several gaming and lottery services with BTC or BCH as alternative considerations for participants.

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