Tron News Today – Headlines for January 22

  • Tron’s 3.1.0 upgrade is finally here
  • The upgrade operates a swap feature for Tron and BTC
  • The upgrade will provide an improved customer support center

Tron News Today – making upgrades to crypto-based networks is the sole priority of any network. The bulk of the top networks have been actively working on such upgrades. Today we will be focusing on the Tron network. According to reports, the foundation has announced that Tron’s wallet upgrade has launched. The network has started operating the 3.1.0 Swap feature for BTC, Tron and the yet to launch TRX based crypto.

The new design comes as an improvement, with robust bug fixtures. It also includes an inbuilt support center to assist both desktop and mobile device users. Since the protocol was released on December 31, Tron’s Wallet maintenance and development team have received several opinions and suggestions from Tron Wallet users regarding how their newest version can be improved.

TRON (TRX) Price Today – TRX / USD


Improved Customer Support Center

One of the main goals of the Tron Wallet is to offer accessible and quick customer support. Their improved version of this product can be easily accessed on the mobile app or the desktop offering via This new service can be found inside settings on the Tron Wallet app.

With the app, Tron users will have access to FAQs, and view tutorials. They will be able to view educational videos and stay on the loop on recent news and announcements. Users will also be able to submit their request to support staff. Note that support can only be accessed in seven languages.

About the New Improvements

The new version of the Tron Wallet has laid the stepping stone for additional cryptos, coins, and public Blockchain. The first of these open Blockchain is Ethereum and its associated tokens. Tron Wallet users must upgrade their wallets to the 3.1.0 version on the Apple Store and Google Play.

Following the report, the Tron wallet launched the swap of the BTC swap feature to the older version (3.0.0). Other versions will include the update of new cryptocurrencies. Also, the Tron Wallet team has urged users to enroll for the internal testing of the TRX mortgage lending forum. The platform allows users to buy stable currency by mortgage with no need to trade TRX to USD. The new project is named DeLoan. DeLoan is a decentralized borrowing platform. The stable currency on this platform is named CRD (credit). Per a tweet by Tron chief Justin Sun:

The TRX mortgage lending platform has started operations for public test on the Nile Testnet. The products’ core functionality lets users receive USD-like stable tokens by mortgage $TRX with no need to trade TRX for USDT directly.”

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