Tron News Today – Headlines for January 25

  • The bulk of Tron’s dApps rely on gambling.
  • Tron’s non-gambling dApps include exchanges, and high-risk.
  • Tron has the highest increase in the number of dApp users.

Tron News Today – the network has grown to be one of the most popular protocols in the ecosystem. It has reportedly made a name as one of the go-to places for dApps. Tron is now widely recognized in the dApp industry despite the fact that the bulk of the transactions operated by the protocol rely on the gambling sector. In fact, a total of 17 of Tron’s top 25 most-used dApps are all in the gambling category according to a list of the most popular Tron dApps compiled by dAppRadar.  Which indicates how popular Tron-based dApps are in the gambling sector.

Analyzing the Top 25 Tron-based dApps

According to the list, the eight non-gambling dApps on the based on Tron’s protocol fall in several different categories, including high-risk, games and exchanges. The list also adds that these Tron-based non-gambling dApps can host by far less volume than the gambling Tron-based dApps. There are just two exceptions here. That is two other applications for Tron-based dApps listed as exchanges. When you compare this to the top 25 Ether-based dApps, you will see a huge difference as the latter counted just three gambling applications in total. Could this mean that Tron’s dApp is only relevant when it comes to gambling?

Tron expanded its dApp User Base Last Year

Back in April of 2019, Tron was reportedly touting the most rapidly growing/expanding group of dApp users. The network came out on top in this aspect over the last year. However, competitors, Ethereum, and EOS just like Tron ran the show last year in terms of DApp usage. All protocols had a combined total of 98.65% for their total DApp transaction volume last year.

According to the report, the Tron ecosystem alone posted a whopping $4.4 billion in transaction volume in 2019. Most of this is due to its gambling DApps which accounted for approximately 89% of the above-mentioned money flow. DappReview called Tron’s decentralized application ecosystem the “Las Vegas of the Blockchain network.”

Meanwhile, Tron chief and founder, Justin Sun reportedly pulled up a chair beside Apple’s co-founder Steve Wozniak. This was for a lunch date earlier in the week. Sun tweeted about the meal after the lunch date on January 24. When the Tron founder was approached for comments, he didn’t answer as of when this content was published. We can expect that more information will come up regarding the lunch in the near future.

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