Tron News Today – Headlines for January 26

  • Tron-backed mobile app for Android users goes live
  • The app allows users to win TRX tokens in exchange for playing games
  • The new product can potentially bring more adoption to Tron

Tron News Today – the idea behind digital currency protocols adding mobile applications to their offering is to draw positive attention to the crypto space. The ultimate goal is driving adoption. Some projects have flirted with the idea, while others have flirted with the idea. Now, one Blockchain-based project has delivered a community-developed mobile application that is bringing in plenty of attention and interest to the Tron ecosystem.

Until January 25, the Beta testing phase of this mobile app has been made available to users. Now that the project has moved passed the Beta testing phase, it has now been made available to the public.

The New Tron-based App Let’s Users Get TRX in Exchange for Playing Games

There are many reasons why this particular Tron-based app has gradually become popular. One of the main reasons is that it lets users earn some TRX tokens. This is attainable after they play games, view ads and open their app regularly. The TRX users earn here can be withdrawn. The concept is quite simple. And it is going to bring plenty of attention to the Tron network.

After all, what every mobile user wants is gifts or free funds for just little effort. So we shouldn’t be surprised if this leads to more adoption for Tron. And if this happens, we can expect other projects to follow in Tron’s footsteps.

30,000 TRX has Been Paid Out Since the App Went Live

There is a strong chance that the rest of the altcoins will also introduce apps that are similar to the one that Tron has introduced in the future. With no less than 30, 000 TRX tokens already paid out to users since the app went live, it is safe to say that it has become a highly successful offering.

Note that this concept introduced by Tron is unlike the idea behind how Bitcoin faucets operate. The bulk of these platforms were ad-supported. They rewarded users for their clicks on the ad posts accordingly. Hence, we can agree that if crypto projects want to draw in more adoption or bring newcomers into their ecosystem, efforts like what Tron has introduced can be crucial in the coming years. Whether this development relating to Tron affected its price action remains to be seen. The price of Tron was trading at $0.016241 when this report was published.

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