Cryptocurrency News Today – Headlines for January 26

  • Binance donates $1.5 million to help coronavirus victims
  • The crypto exchange also donated $1 million to aid flood victims in Japan
  • Binance was a donor of $1 Million in BNB to the Australia Bushfire Donations project

Cryptocurrency News Today – Binance has been engaging in several charitable courses over the years. The crypto exchange has donated millions of funds to charity. The recent one of them has been done to provide aid to the victims of the recent coronavirus in China. According to recent reports, the Binance exchange has announced a donation of $1.5 million to aid victims of the coronavirus in China. The report came to light on January 26.

2000 People Have Been Infected, 56 Have Died

As the Wuhan virus continues to spread throughout the country, it is understood that about 2,000 people have tested positive for the infection so far. When this report was published, the death toll has reached 56. Despite this unique situation, the World Health Organization has refused to declare an outbreak. The global health body recently said it was too early to declare the Wuhan situation an outbreak:

“A public health emergency that concerns the globe.”

Spreading across China, there have been reports that the virus was spread to humans due to the selling of infected animals at a local market. Chinese authorities are reportedly tackling the current issue of shortage of protective masks and other materials that facilitate preventive measures. As a result of this, philanthropic movements that are aiding the victims across the world, have seen an uptick. Via a recent tweet, Binance‘s chief Changpeng Zhao announced that the crypto exchange has pledged:

“10 million RMB ($1.5m) to help the victims of the coronavirus virus.”

With this charitable move towards the aid of coronavirus victims, Binance has become the first cryptocurrency exchange and first firm in the crypto space to come to the aid of the victims of the deadly virus.

Binance’s Previous Charitable Courses

Noting that Binance exchange had started working on the coordination of facilitating the donation, the firm’s CEO stated that there’s no use of digital assets in the move. He also added that was not a realistic idea to conduct crypto to end beneficiaries in response to the Wuhan situation.

This is not the first-time that Binance has donated funds to charitable courses. As stated above, Binance, through its charity fund, has donated $1 million to help the people affected during the floods that hit west Japan, in 2018. Additionally, Binance has also donated another $1 Million worth of BNB tokens to support the Australia Bushfire Donations project in response to the wildfires that have hit the country.

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