Stellar Lumens News Today – Headlines for January 29

  • Stellar implements new updates to network
  • Stellar seeking to usher in the next testnet reset
  • The horizon engine makes endpoints faster

Stellar Lumens News Today – Stellar’s latest reports touches on the network’s major updates in the last week. It also includes Stellar’s plans for its next testnet reset. The digital asset network and SDF have reportedly been active since the beginning of the year which has reflected in the broad number of developments on the network. The crypto company has also promised its users that network updates are scheduled for the coming weeks. These updates will make the network more efficient.

Next Stellar Testnet Reset Will go Live on January 29

Additionally, SDF also said the next Stellar testnet reset will occur on January 29. The Stellar development team reportedly set this date to take care of any kinks present in the system. The overall recovery pattern from a testnet reset was also articulated by the Stellar development team. The frontend engineering department of the team. The testnet is always reset after every 3 months. Creating a quarterly reminder to make the accounts isn’t highly efficient.

Per the report, the Stellar development team has made a code script to be checking whether known accounts exist. In the end, if it doesn’t, it submits a bulk sum of transactions. The latest app that will be featured in Stellar was It is an XLM testnet token manager. Finally, the Stellar development team also talked about the horizon ingestion engine. This protocol was launched last week and it is a solution that everyone is pleased with.

The New Horizon Update Will Improve Service Availability for Production Deployments

The team behind the launch of Horizon 1.0.0 Alpha, said the 1.0.0 version is designed to will set significant new endpoints, which wasn’t possible with the previous code architecture. This Horizon update will improve service availability for production deployments. Recall that one of the most common complaints that were raised by Stellar users was that processes like pathfinding were slow.

The recent Horizon engine solves this problem by ensuring that all endpoints are faster. To make sure no information is lost in the Blockchain, the data inconsistency caused by the lag between endpoints has been removed.

Despite the vast number of changes in the Stellar network, XLM proponents want to see action and real movement in the price of Stellar Lumens. As the market starts to stabilize, XLM proponents can wait to see a positive price action for the digital asset. They will want it to skyrocket on the charts.

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