Bitcoin Cash News Today – Headlines for January 31

  • Bitcoin Cash paused block production for 5.5 hours
  • Low usage caused the delay in block production for BCH
  • The network resolved the backlog in three blocks

Bitcoin Cash news today – according to reports, Bitcoin Cash experienced a mining anomaly recently. Block production was paused because the Blockchain network failed to produce any block over five hours. However, the delay in block production didn’t cause a serious transaction backlog and has been resolved as of when this report was published.

The Block Anomaly Revealed That Bitcoin Cash was still lagging in its Usage

The block anomaly revealed that Bitcoin Cash is still lagging in its usage. The Bitcoin Cash network eventually returned to its regular block production schedule at 8:00 UTC on Thursday after the five-hour gap it posted on block production. The block production delay happened after the network reached block 620025. The next block number, which was 620026, took about five hours plus to discover and propagate. While a slow block isn’t an unusual occurrence, the event showed that the network has had a low transaction count in recent times.

The issue of slower blocks, and a situation where miners failed to discover any new block, have also happened to Bitcoin. The issue caused block production to pause for about one hour. Mining Bitcoin Cash includes an emergency difficulty adjustment. However, there is still a chance that luck plays a role in the event. Depending on the way hashes are tested to confirm the appropriate conditions for a block header, doing this shouldn’t take longer than 10-minutes, even without changes in the difficulty adjustment.

The Network Resolved the Backlog in Three Blocks

Finally, the Bitcoin Cash network does not have any particular limits regarding block size. Although the network will require more dedicated resources if it wants to propagate a bigger block. Although the event was random, it was used to take a dig at the Bitcoin Cash network. However, there is still some comparison and competition with Bitcoin. There are challenges from Bitcoin SV as well.

Bitcoin SV recently became the newest network split from BTC with a new mining model. While the new protocol (Bitcoin SV) is not immune from the issue of slow block production, it is optimized to propagate larger blocks. On the opposite side, the anomaly of any slow block is always about the discovery of two different blocks. In the end, one of the two will be abandoned. It was only days ago that the Bitcoin network had to produce an extra block that had gone stale. This event is rare and unpredictable and has been happening between months or years apart.

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