Stellar Lumens News Today – Headlines for January 31

  • Stellar Lumens network to focus on new areas this year
  • Stellar will see more growth
  • The areas on focus will be in three phases

Stellar Lumens News Today – with 2020 down by one month already, the CEO and Executive Director of the SDF (Stellar Development Foundation) Denelle Dixon, stated via YouTube, that the foundation will try to provide updates from time to time. This will be done to ensure that the community knows more about what the Stellar Development Foundation is up to. Dixon also stated that the SDF saw exponential growth (90%) in 2019. There was also growth in Blockchain investments. The Stellar chief also said that we will see more growth in 2020.

Dixon stated that to achieve said growth rate, that the SDF had to evaluate and stay focused on the model. She also said that for the network’s objectives and results for this year to have any headway, that the foundation must set up plans to make it come to light.

SDF’s Plan for the Year will be in Three Phases

In the first phase, the SDF will focus on Stellar’s robustness and usability. This in turn means that the organization will focus on the tools that developers need. The goal is to bring more anchors to the Stellar ecosystem. This move will help everybody when it comes to use cases. SDF will also focus on increasing Stellar’s stakeholders. SDF wants to see more validators and for this to happen more users must come to Stellar.

For the second area, Dixon stated that SDF wants to tell its story to the world. The organization wants to get out more and talk to regulators. The foundation wants to have the ability to demonstrate that it’s a Blockchain that people can trust. Hence, users should expect to see more from SDF this year. Stellar will spend more time talking to users, regulators and lawmakers around the world about blockchain.

SDF wants Sustainable Use Cases

The third part of the plan is to make sure the SDF is focused on sustainable use cases for stellar. Which is why the foundation is building a wallet. The wallet will launch in Latin America sometime in the spring. Dixon said that the SDF are focused on everyone out there in the Stellar ecosystem by building good use cases to help foster and grow.

In conclusion, Dixon added that these three areas will be SDF’s main focused before calling on the ecosystem to stay tuned and follow the SDF’s social media page and its website.

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