Bitcoin Cash News Today – Headlines for February 2

bitcoin cash bch upgrade hard fork 32mb block size may 15 upgrade
  • Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin are not the same – Vitalik Buterin
  • Buterin isn’t necessarily 100% against BCH
  • Ethereum founder was clear about both coins

Bitcoin Cash News Today – according to a recent tweet, Vitalik Buterin, Ethereum’s co-founder said Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash are not the same. Buterin commented on reply to Brad Mills’s accusations. Recall that Mills accused Buterin of promoting BCH. Now Buterin replied to him to clarify his earlier post about BCH.

Vitalik has a Torrid History with Bitcoin Cash

After several months after the hard fork in 2017 that split BTC into two separate coins, BTC and BCH, the Ethereum founder tweeted a positive comment toward Bitcoin Cash. He said:

I consider Bitcoin Cash to be a real contender for Bitcoin’s name. I see Bitcoin’s failure to increase block sizes to make sure fees are reasonable to be a large change to the ‘original plan and morally tantamount to another hard fork.”

Although it is easy not to interpret this tweet as Buterin showing support for Bitcoin Cash, the Ethereum founder’s additional tweet on that same day shows a clear distinction. Here is what he said:

Right now, I think trying to call ‘Bitcoin Cash the same as Bitcoin’ is wrong. It is a minority opinion.”

Bitcoin Cash has Failed to Gain the Same Traction that Bitcoin Has

Almost one year after the previous encounter, in August of 2018, Buterin once more responded to Bitcoin Cash’s tweet with another comment that is consistent with his previous opinions. Meni Rosenfeld crypto commentator on Twitter tweeted:

It has been over a year now since Bitcoin Cash split from Bitcoin. It has now become clear that the forked coin has already failed to gain any traction as ‘the’ number one coin Bitcoin. Bitcoin Cash was given its chance, however, it failed to live up to expectations. Now it must stop confusing the digital asset market with its inappropriate name ‘Bitcoin Cash.’”

In response to this Buterin said:

I don’t agree. ‘Bitcoin Cash isn’t Bitcoin. Saying this is unrealistic. However, the name Bitcoin Cash is totally fine.”

According to the Ethereum’s chief remarks, it seems the Ethereum co-founder hasn’t always had a negative stance toward Bitcoin Cash. However, he has signified that there is a difference between both coins over the years. In Buterin’s most recent tweet on the subject, during the Bitcoin Cash development fund, Buterin said:

In case you are wondering which side I’m on this. I support taking public challenges more seriously and am open to adjusting ideological pre-conceptions while maintaining my commitment to the core values of decentralization to meet them.”

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