Tron News Today – Headlines for February 2

  • Wuhan gives Binance chief letter appreciation
  • Non-profit organizations have pledged support to China
  • Tron chief, Justin Sun overlooked by Wuhan Government

Tron News Today – going by recent events happening around the world particularly in Asia, the Wuhan coronavirus has continued spreading across China and several Asian countries. The virus has been declared an outbreak by WHO. Currently, there have been 650 new confirmed cases over the last few hours. All in all, over 12000 people have been infected since it began. Some Chinese cities are separated.

While companies and individuals around the world are lending a helping hand to the victims, the Asian superpower is doing the best it can to contain and solve the problem swiftly. Charities around the world have stayed at alert and searched for ways to help China deal with the virus. There has been an unprecedented increase in the activities of philanthropists and sponsors.

Binance Chief Extends helping Hand to China

The chief of the biggest crypto exchange Binance, Changpeng Zhao, recently remarked that he would help China fight the coronavirus. The charity extension of his company, Binance Charity Foundation, has already allocated a truck to assist victims of the virus. Earlier in the day, Zhao CZ tweeted a letter of appreciation from the government of Wuhan for the donations his company has made.

With the Chinese crypto giants donating a whopping sum that fell within the $100 million to $1 billion range. The issue right now isn’t a shortage of funds, but supplies and logistics. Another issue is physical world limitations. According to members of the Binance community, posting such tweets is like a marketing play. However, some users say if you don’t write about it, others will begin to blame you and call you a selfish person. Also, showing the amount of help you have is a way of encouraging others to offer help.

A Repeat of History for Justin Sun

Previously, Justin Sun, Tron co-founder found himself in an unpleasant situation after his peculiar approaches to market his network were exposed. This angered Crypto Twitter. They ended up creating comments to show that the CEO was wrong for his actions. He was publicizing his coin with reports of a tragedy. However, Sun, who is also the CEO of BitTorrent hasn’t gotten any appreciation letter for the help he offered for victims of the coronavirus.

Indeed, Sun’s tweets for his company always become a cause for discussion.  Twitter users liked Sun’s posts with speedy recovery wishes because Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao did not reference Tron.

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