Tron News Today – Headlines for February 4

  • Tron CEO called out to burn TRX
  • BeatzCoin CCO wants Sun to keep Tron under 100 billion TRX
  • Sun announces MPC Torch protocol

Tron News Today – some members of the Tron community have accused Justin Sun the CEO of Tron for lying about the fixed sum of TRX supply. However, Misha Lederman, the CCO of BeatzCoin has called on Sun to make sure that Tron’s supply is kept under 100 billion TRX. Several Tron proponents have gone to Twitter to express their feelings about Sun for what they feel is a lie or deception to the Tron community. They feel Tron’s circulating supply has moved above the 100 billion mark and Sun is hiding this information.

Sun has been in the forefront of several controversies in the past and his actions or inactions often make the news.

Tron’s Supply has Exceeded 100 Billion TRX

According to these Tron followers, the total number of TRX on supply has reportedly exceeded the 100 billion mark that was mentioned earlier on Tron’s white paper. But now the Tron site indicates that the overall supply of TRX totals 100,002,757,644.08 TRX. Meanwhile, Misha Lederman the CCO of BeatzCoin has taken to Twitter to remind Sun that his coin shouldn’t exceed 100 billion.

According to Lederman, in late June 2018 Sun burned 1 billion TRX which allowed him to keep the overall supply of TRX below the 100 billion mark. After the Super Representatives’ rewards were launched, more TRX tokens have been minted, this, in turn, has increased the overall supply of TRX.

Tron Chief Announces Privacy Protocol, MPC Torch

In other reports related to the Tron protocol, Justin Sun has invited all members of the crypto community around the globe to fully take part in the operations of Tron’s new privacy protocol called MPC Torch. For users to become a contributor to the project, they have to operate a server and also subscribe by email. Additionally, every on-boarded privacy campaigner will get a special reward of no less than $100. As of when this content was published over 20 users have joined the team.

Sun also added that his new protocol is going to use the Zero-Knowledge Succinct Non-Interactive Argument of Knowledge technology or ZK-SNARKs technology. Previously, the project has used this technology for countless scalability solutions for Ethereum’s network. According to several analysts, if this new solution is implemented in the Ethereum (ETH) Blockchain, technologies of similar nature would easily let it reach the same speed with that of Visa payments.

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