Cardano News Today – Cardano Shelley Mainnet Will Be Life Soon According to the Cardano Team 

  • ‏‏‎Cardano Shelley Mainnet launch set for February
  • Terms and conditions will apply to users under the new framework.
  • Cardano price gained 70% YTD yet its not the best performing coin.

Cardano News Today – according to reports IOHK, the research, and development firm behind the Cardano protocol, is preparing to announce a launch date for its Shelley Mainnet. The long-awaited Shelley development phase is going to be a huge step in the Cardano Blockchain. This framework will introduce staking which will allow users to own their ADA and power the network. With it, they will be able to conduct transactions for rewards. Charles Hoskinson, the Creator of Cardano creator says after much testing, the incentivized testnet, has made major strides. This is why IOHK has planned on releasing an update next week. IOHK hopes to Shelley mainnet launch by the end of the month.

Terms and Conditions will apply to Users Under the New Framework

According to Hoskinson:

“We are going to see some terms and conditions on the new project, but I believe we will have a high level of certainty for the date band that we will announce. We will do a launch party.”

However, in the meantime, Hoskinson remarks that there have been many rearchitecting and re-engineering being ironed which brought a long list of perks in the testnet that could potentially help stabilize the network. He added:

“It is a hefty release. One that involves chain selection. It is involving logging, and we may have found several ways to resolve these spikes in CPU utilization in the software.”

Cardano Price is Up by 70% YTD Yet it isn’t the Best Performing Token This Year

After nearly two years of persistent price stagnation for ADA, Cardano appears to have caught a bullish wave. The network’s native crypto has seen its value increase in the new year. The coin has recorded a 70% year-to-date increase. Apart from some minor consolidations along the way, the ADA price has been consistently up since the beginning of 2020. While the early days of January indicated the most growth, the price of Cardano grew by 62.4% in the last 30 days.

Cardano (ADA) Price Today – ADA / USD


It is no secret that Cardano’s partnership with the consulting and auditing firm PwC has been predictable, but it was not until both firms officially announced it that the ADA coin saw a huge spike in its price. The consulting firm is will hold a workshop in February where they will launch a strategy that will consolidate Cardano, Emurgo (Cardano’s venture arm) and the Cardano Foundation.

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