Ethereum News Today – Headlines for February 7

  • Chances of Ether outperforming BTC are very slim
  • Saying Adaptive Capital invests in crypto is wrong – Willy Woo
  • Adaptive Capital only meets people who want a long-term investment

Ethereum News Today – according to Willy Woo who works as the crypto hedge fund analyst at Adaptive Capital, the notion that Adaptive Capital “invests” in crypto directly is an error in judgment. Who remarked on Friday, February 7. Many have confused the actions of Adaptive Capital as long-term digital currency investments. Hence, the need for Woo to correct this impression.

Adaptive Capital Only Plays Boom and Bust in Crypto Circles

According to the report, Willy Woo of Adaptive Capital, says his firm only strategically plays along with the crypto bull and bust cycles. That this does not simply make any investments in crypto something intended to hold on to forever.

He added that, when it comes to people looking to purchase digital assets for the long-term, there’s very little chance for coin’s Ethereum or XRP along with any altcoin that has the capacity to outperform Bitcoin. Woo remarked while dishing out investment advice:

“Digital asset investment is a misnomer. It is unlikely that any crypto will outperform market leader Bitcoin over an extended period of time. Hence, for you to get the value of your investment it must be seen as an active trading scheme. My company does not invest. Rather, we trade with the most recent ideas in both on-chain action and fundamental signals.”

Woo: On-chain Momentum is Bullish

Recall that back in December 2019, Woo revealed a set of fundamental signals and on-chain analysis. His evidence indicates that Bitcoin is entering another bullish phase. Here is what he said after posting his charts:

“The on-chain momentum has begun to cross into the bullish zone. Prepare for the halving front run is on. I can’t say what this kind of indicator is, however, it is proprietary to AdaptiveFund, but it can track investor momentum in the market. The bottom is likely in. Hence, anything lower will be a wick in a macro view.”

Woo also believes that the price action of Litecoin may foreshadow what is expected to happen to Bitcoin. He used on-chain investor action to reach this conclusion. Here is how he put it:

“With the aid of on-chain investor action, which gives us an idea of where this action might go, the price action of Litecoin is already in bull region. While the price action of BTC is consolidating at an early bull swing. I’m expecting a bull-run for Bitcoin to led by Litecoin as a confirmation sign.”

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