Bitcoin Cash News Today – Headlines for February 10

  • BCH Merchant Directories lists 4,300 Bitcoin Cash-Accepting Businesses
  • 1,894 brick-and-mortar Bitcoin Cash merchants available
  • Slovenia has the highest number of BCH-accepting locations

Bitcoin Cash News Today – A majority of businesses around the world today have continued to support the adoption of digital assets. This time, our focus will be on Bitcoin Cash. In 2020 BCH’s merchant acceptance grew exponentially. It is beginning to correspond with the companies that accept Bitcoin Cash and are listed on platforms like, Anypay, and Data collected from these sites indicates that there are no less than 4,300 BCH supporting merchants around the globe.

4,392 BCH Accepting Merchants Globally

For more than two and a half years, Bitcoin Cash proponents have relentlessly promoted merchant adoption on a global scale. As of February 9, the overall total of BCH-accepting merchants across the world was approximately 4,392. Sites that keep data on merchant acceptance include, Anypay, Green Pages, and

Per the report, for this week, according to one Reddit user who goes by the Monika u/neonwasteland, there were 53 new merchants added recently. The Reddit account also updates that the Bitcoin Cash community adds more merchants every week with their adoption thread known as Merchant Monday. Neonwasteland worked with merchant data from three separate websites and cited that has an average of 1,140 online merchants. indicates that there are about 1,894 brick-and-mortar merchants around the world. This figure is now 52 more than the previous week. According to the Reddit user, you can find about 1,203 merchants of different types on Green Pages. The number of merchants in green pages has increased by one since last week. merchant directory lists 1,140 BCH- accepting online merchants. Further, after adding up all the merchants from the sites including the 155 Anypay merchants around the world, there was around 4,392 BCH accepting merchants worldwide. When you add payment processor Bitpay’s merchant list, you will see that the aggregate is even larger.’s merchant list shows that there are large numbers of BCH-accepting merchants in some regions. The United States and South America alone have 716 BCH-accepting brick-and-mortar enterprises. Gocrypto locations in Croatia and Slovenia, there are more than 505 BCH-accepting merchants in both countries.

Slovenia has the Highest Number of BCH-accepting Locations Globally

Gocrypto reportedly has about 620 BCH-accepting locations to date. Their service allows users to make purchases on the, Elly app and Wallet. Another dense area of BCH acceptance is Australia along with the upper part of North Queensland. Data shows that there are 208 BCH-accepting merchants in the country. Japan is another country that has a bunch of BCH retail acceptance with 90 merchants.

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