Cardano News Today – Cardano ADA Price Increased By 8.87% in the Last 24 Hours

  • Cardano price adds 8.87% in the past 24 hours
  • Cardano ADA’s next halting point might appear at $0.06610
  • Cardano ADA price prediction shows a bullish continuation for ADA

Cardano news today – the Cardano price prediction for the last few weeks has always been bullish as the network has a lot going on behind closed doors. Not to mention the Cardano Shelley update that is currently ongoing. The ADA price movement has now been strengthened by an impressive 8.87% gain in the last 24 hours of trade. Now the current price of the digital asset has touched the $0.065546 area. The ADA price movement has been moderately stable for now. It has maintained this pattern since the early hours of February 11. However, the price of Cardano later posted a gradual upside movement.

Cardano Price Prediction – ADA Reached the 90-day High from February 10

Cardano Latest Update – This fresh upside movement took the price of ADA to a new level where it breached the past 90-day high from February 11 and recorded a new high at $0.065251. The Cardano coin began to trade on the day at the $0.060205 area during the first 8 hours and 33 minutes of trade on February 12. ADA price lost about 2.33% of its value. During the last hours of trade, the Cardano price dropped down to its lowest position for the day at the $0.0588 area. Afterward, the ADA coin began a fresh move trading upwards. It recovered by an impressive 6.63% increase which added $0.0039 to the coin’s value taking it to $0.062700. The final variation for the asset class happened between 18:52 and 01:46 UTC today. In the last 6 hours and 54 minutes, the price of Cardano has shot up by 5.98%. This increase took its price to the highest point of the day at press time which is the $0.065543 area.

Cardano Price Prediction – Bullish Momentum to Continue

Cardano (ADA) Price Today – ADA / USD


The ADA price continued its trading action with a bullish momentum overall in the last few days. This rise seems to stand out despite the fact that the coin’s value has had to face a few drops, before correcting upwards again. A look at the daily chart for the ADA/USD pair shows that Cardano may stay bullish in the coming days. The coin’s current price is trading ahead of both the short-term daily MA (moving averages) 50-day and 20-day. This is by a reasonable gap. The price of ADA is likely to continue in its bullish stand for the near-term. It might soon touch its next resistance position at $0.06610. The recent Cardano Shelley upgrade has played a huge role in the performance of the price of the digital asset since the beginning of the year.


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