Ripple Latest News – Top Headline for Ripple XRP, February 13th, 2020

  • Ripple Inc. intends to create deletable accounts for XRP ledger
  • XRP Price rallies to 20% to attain $0.33, though $0.35 could be the target

Ripple News Update – Speculations surrounding Ripple is that the San-Francisco based startup might roll-out a new feature that would allow XRP ledger users to delete their accounts. This announcement was made by the company’s CTO David Schwartz. He went thus:

“One new feature proposed in the amendment process is Deletable Accounts and [it] is waiting to acquire and retain an 80% supermajority, before it activates. This feature allows XRPL accounts to be removed from the ledger and recover most of the reserve locked in the accounts for spam prevention.”

Ripple Latest Update – The major advantage of the proposed feature for XRP ledger users is the settlement. Opening an XRP ledger account currently entails a 20 XRP deposit, and users who delete their account would be able to retrieve part of the cost. For the account to be activated, the alteration featuring deletable accounts will need to draw 80% validation from validators for two weeks. This allows the XRP community to give pointers and influence the validator’s decision.

XRP (XRP) Price Today – XRP / USD

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XRP News Now – In the past, Ripple has seen a series of features including multi-signing, payment channels, and on-chain escrow. Nonetheless, deletable accounts are quite an eminent change. Alongside this report, Egypt’s National Banks plans to use Ripple’s RippleNet platform to carry out internal remittances.

XRP Price rallies to 20% to attain $0.33, though $0.35 could be the target

XRP USD TradingView – XRP price rallied around 20% and broke the major $0.3000 resistance against the U.S dollar. XRP price is currently approaching the $0.3400-$0.3500 resistance, where it could encounter massive selling pressure. XRP price increased above $0.3000 and $0.3200 to move into an uptrend against the U.S dollar.

Ripple Price Prediction 2020 – the 1.236 Fib Retracement level of the major downward move from the $0.3143 high to $0.1726 low is close to $0.3480. Hence, XRP price might encounter a massive selling pressure close to the $0.3500 resistance level. If the XRP bulls defeat $0.3500, it could pave the way for a drive towards $0.4000 in the forthcoming days.

XRP Price Prediction 2020 – Ripple XRP Price forecast 2020

XRP USD TradingView – If there is a downside correction, XRP will remain well supported close to $0.3150 level. The major support is close to the $0.3000 level, beneath which there is a risk of a bigger downside correction towards the $0.2680 level. Generally, the XRP price is approaching major resistance at $0.3500, where the XRP bulls might struggle.

XRP Price Prediction 2020 – The MACD for XRP/USD IS currently gaining impetus in the bullish zone. The RSI for XRP/USD is well above the 60 levels. The major support levels are $0.3150, $0.3000 and $0.2680. While the major resistance levels are $0.3400, $0.3500 and $0.4000.

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