Tezos News Today – Headlines for February 14

  • Tezos breaks into top ten digital currency list
  • XTZ gained 70% since the beginning of the year
  • Other digital assets have done well in the same period

Tezos News Today – the entire digital asset market is bullish again. Even altcoins have had a better few weeks than Bitcoin the number one digital asset by market cap. Altcoins like Tezos and Algorand have both registered 50% plus this week. In that same period, major digital assets like Ethereum, Litecoin, and XRP, have all registered significant growth percentages of 27.78%, 10.45%, and 16.14% respectively. Meanwhile, BTC price has spiked by 5.32% with its bullish correlation with the rest of the market reflecting its action.

Although the top cryptocurrencies have stolen our attention a lot recently, several lesser-known digital assets have also exhibited strong price movements in their daily charts as well.

Tezos Price Action Has Pushed it into the Top Ten Digital Currencies

One of the lesser-known cryptos that have broken into the top ten biggest tokens by market cap is Tezos. Tezos price hiked by nearly 70%. The coin’s valuation reportedly surged from the $2.14 point to an impressive $3.63. Tezos’ market capitalization gained since January has crossed that of Bitcoin as well. According to crypto bull Mati Greenspan, who is also the Founder of Quantum Economics, said the offerings on the Tezos network offers favorable solutions. Here is how he put it:

“The majority of the new STOs (security token offerings) and tokenization initiatives are built on it. The token economics is quite favorable.”

A similar spike in price was recorded by the digital asset Algorand after reports emerged that its parent Blockchain was planning to list USDT tokens after many months of anticipation. It is well known that the USDT token is the biggest stablecoin in the crypto industry. Its inclusion reportedly had a positive impact on ALGO pushing it’s the price from the $0.27 position to $0.40.

Other Less Popular Cryptos also Performed Well

It is safe to say that these lesser-known Chiliz token posted a huge breakthrough in their prices after the organization went on to announce its new partnership with the Spanish football club, FC Barcelona. The goal of the scheme is to allow more fans to participate in the club’s engagement with Blockchain. Chiliz is a token that is designed to promote sports and entertainment. It also serves as the exclusive digital currency of Socios.com. Following the announcement, Chiliz’s price jumped by 65% in the last 24 hours. In fact, in the last week, the coins price has surged by 120 percent.

Introducing these less popular crypto-assets will potentially let bullish sentiment remain in the market, allowing the interest of new investors to bloom in the next few weeks.

Princess Ogono is a writer, lawyer and fitness enthusiast. She believes cryptocurrencies are the future. When she's not writing, she spends time with her adorable cat, Ginger and works out often.


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