Litecoin Price Prediction – Litecoin LTC Price to Stay Bullish Despite Recent Volatility

  • The price of LTC will remain bullish despite volatility
  • The price of LTC will cross $82.50 soon
  • The bulls will hold control for the near-term

Litecoin news today – Yesterday the price of Litecoin reportedly fell victim to some form of volatility. The digital assets value forced an upward movement to a new high for the year at $84.00 which was followed by a strong dip backward to about $77.00 due to volatility. The coin’s value has since been revitalized, and it has made up much of the ground that lost during the volatile period. The coin is now up by 1.05%, in the last 24 hours of trade. As of when this report was published the price of Litecoin was changing hands at the $81.67 area. Now, many analysts have predicted that Litecoin is poised to maintain this trajectory for the time being.

Litecoin Price Prediction – What Does Litecoin’s Price Action Say About Its Next Destination?

Despite enjoying an exciting week, the price of Litecoin beginning this week trading at the $76.77 area. Apart from a few sudden retracements, the price of LTC appears set to end this week on a high. This sentiment is also backed up by many technical analysts who are now arguing that this is the time to invest long on Litecoin.

Litecoin (LTC) Price Today – LTC / USD


Litecoin Price Prediction – As per an analysis provided by TrendFather a crypto analyst, the Litecoin price looks set to move over the $82.50 area. If this occurs the coin will continue to surge until it gets to $84.70. In the end, if the bulls lose steam, we can expect a retracement to the $78.20 area. However, now that the bulls are holding on steady at the $80 position, it would seem that they will launch a fresh attack that will take LTC price towards $100. All in all, if the Litecoin price meets many strong resistances at the $85.00 point, the chances of a retracement will be a lot higher. If this happens, it could be interpreted as a situation where the sellers will look to trim most of the LTC price gains.

Litecoin Price Forecast – The Bulls Will Stay in Control for Now

Looking at the daily chart for LTC/USD, for the short term at least, the bulls hold control and will continue to stay in control. According to crypto trader LCFXpro, with Litecoin’s price now hovering around the $80 mark, it offers investors a good long opportunity. In addition to that, with the price of LTC breaking a strong resistance point, Litecoin’s price analysts are bullish on its prospects for the time being.


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