Cardano Latest News – Top Headline for Cardano ADA, February 18th, 2020

  • Silicon Valley next Milestone for Cardano?
  • IOHK Open A New Research Lab At Wyoming University

Cardano Latest Update – As declared by the CEO and Co-Founder of IOHK, Charles Hoskinson in a recent Ask Me Anything session, Hoskinson stated that Cardano could soon start looking into big tech hubs on the world, like Silicon Valley. Cardano Shelley – according to reports, there have been talks/meetings in regards to the same with Emurgo, Hoskinson added that the Cardano Shelley ecosystem will be perfect to commence its negotiation in the near term.

Hoskinson went thus: “When Goguen hits or shortly before Goguen, I think that is our time to go and really aggressively push things on Silicon Valley. Silicon Valley has a unique and lukewarm relationship with cryptocurrencies. They like building things, likes doing creative new things.”
Cardano Shelley – Hoskinson added that subsequent to the creation of Cardano’s ADA, they made their own platform which paved the way for a whole new area of venture which was established mainly in Silicon Valley. Cardano Shelley – Hoskinson believes it is quite important to have a big presence in this aspect of the world. He went thus:
“You need to teach people how to deploy solutions on our platform and the burden is upon us to have great developer experience and for that infrastructure to help developers get to their solutions.”
Cardano News Update – According to Hoskinson, after these targets are met, it is not going to be an easy task for the foundation to completely move to Silicon Valley. He also added that it won’t be an easy task either settling in anywhere in the world lie Tokyo or New York.

IOHK Open A New Research Lab At Wyoming University.

Cardano News Today – IOHK recently opened a research center at the University of Wyoming after realizing a $500,000 donation made wholly in ADA cryptocurrency. This announcement was made at the end of last week by IOHK that the new research and validation center would form part of the Universities Blockchain Research and Development Lab. Cardano staking – With this creation, it will help enhance IOHK academic approach to blockchain development.
According to the official statement by IOHK, the new center will feature a new Plutus development facility that will offer developers of blockchain with an applied lab for writing code in the smart contract language of Cardano. Cardano Staking – in addition, tools and resources will be utilized to experiment with new solutions.
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Cardano Staking – Also, there will be a design studio for a new hardware tool that will help validation and combating fake applications in the cryptocurrency. Hoskinson attended the ceremony that signified the opening of the research lab in Wyoming state.

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