Tezos News Today – Headlines for February 19

  • Tezos price action is taking a unique pattern
  • Tezos became bullish since February 12
  • Staking Tezos on Coinbase exchange requires a 25% fee

Tezos News Today – the price of Tezos is reportedly enjoying a unique upward trend. The number 10 largest crypto by market cap has hit a new all-time high above $3 and recorded 5% in the last 24-hours. The coin’s price gain during the last 24-hours is the highest in the top ten. Let us see how Tezos price acted to reach this new ATH.

Tezos Price Became Bullish on February 19 and Never Looked Back

The bulls returned for Tezos on February 19, 2020, which took the price of the coin towards the ATH of $3.72. Note that, despite the losses incurred on Sunday the price of Tezos maintained its high price level above $3. When this content was published, the digital asset was changing hands at $3.4550. The price of Tezos is showing bullish position no wonder one Tradingview analyst MacRich Trading thinks that the digital currency is poised to reach new records at the $4.50, $7.50 and $10 positions.

Another trader known as Eldtrades is of the view that the price of Tezos is going through a falling wedge currently. However, he added that it will break out to post new highs any moment from now. Like the rest of the cryptocurrency market, Tezos price is volatile. This is why any trading decisions you make must be based on adequate consideration of the price movement.

Don’t Pay 25% Fee to Stake Tezos on Coinbase

While a huge exchange like Coinbase should charge users minimal fees, that unfortunately, isn’t the case. Rather the issue of high rate is growing worse. Particularly when it comes to staking assets things don’t look promising. Coinbase has recently confirmed how users can stake Tezos on its platform. But to do so, users must pay fees that are over the top. Coinbase said it will charge a 25% rate for Tezos staking.

Users believe that the amount is ludicrous. It isn’t strange as the company has the habit of charging huge rates when it comes to commissions for nearly everything to do on their platform. Tezos staking commissions on other exchanges hover above 15% which is unacceptable when compared to that of Coinbase.

This is a second reason why experts recommend that you shouldn’t keep your funds in any centralized exchange. To stake XTZ can also be done in other ways and at a much lower rate. When making use of the staking pool, you will be able to yield higher rewards than using Coinbase produces. Crypto users must do their research properly regarding coin staking. Instead of paying ludicrous fees to receive a benefit.

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