Litecoin News Today – What’s Next for Litecoin LTC? Is a Surge on The Way?

  • The price of Litecoin has been increasing since the year started
  • Experts have given a positive Litecoin price prediction as they expect the bulls to stay
  • The developments on the network behind recent price revamp 

Litecoin news today – The price of LTC has been increasing in recent days. According to digital currency analyst’s, this price action is set to continue for the time being. Cryptos have been an essential topic for some time now. Apart from Bitcoin and its success, other coins came to light. Some have tried to replicate the same amount of success as BTC. One of such tokens is LTC.

The Price of Litecoin LTC Is Still Going Higher

As of when this content was published, the price of Litecoin was at $80. Experts expect the coin to move past the $80 level. The digital asset has been bullish in the last few days and over the last 24 hours it has racked up an increase of 5.65%. The price of Litecoin also posted an increase from $76.80 to $81 at press time. If this price action continues, it will see LTC post its most significant price increase since August last year. It is safe to say the bulls are still in play and that this price trend that was initiated since January this year has dragged on to this day. After breaching the $80 it is expected that LTC could move past the $85, $90 and $100 positions. Satoshi Flipper claims that the price of LTC could grow more in the next 30 days.

What Effect will Bitcoin’s Price Action Have on Litecoin LTC’s Price Growth

Although the price of Litecoin is witnessing serious growth in price, the effect of BTC has played a role as well. BTC has always dragged the digital asset market. Moreover, while the price of Litecoin has seen growth in recent weeks, the price of Bitcoin changes date several times a week prior to this. Bitcoin has jumped towards the high side and it is worth it to metion that BTC has reached the $10,000.

Litecoin (LTC) Price Today – LTC / USD


Litecoin News Today – Going by the market action if Bitcoin keeps progressively moving forward, then the entire crypto market including the price of LTC will follow. However, even though Litecoin’s creators believe the recent developments in the network and the coin’s price will continue, it isn’t ideal to rely on the digital currency to keep growing like this for the long-term. If the entire digital currency market is depending on the changes shown by BTC, then the changes will affect LTC if Bitcoin stops rallying or goes down. The action on the long-term will depend on how BTC performs in the same period.


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