Ripple News Today – Ripple Launches A New Initiative To Tackle Crypto Thefts, Fake Giveaways, And Financial Crimes

  • Ripple Tackles Giveaway Scams 
  • XRP Price Update – XRP Price Trading Close To The “Make Or Break Levels”
  • Can Ripple XRP Price Rally once again?
  • Ripple Reaches Key Breakdown Levels

Ripple News Update – Ripple Inc. recently launched a new portal aimed to give cryptocurrency investors a means to report any suspicious activity linked to the XRP ledger. Ripple executives – XRP users can now fill out a request form asking Ripple to investigate a list of unfamiliar activities, such as phishing attempts, thefts, giveaway scams, malicious exchanges, unauthorized transactions, money laundering, and other financial crimes.

XRP (XRP) Price Today – XRP / USD

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Ripple News Now – though the portal is said to investigate issues linked to the XRP Ledger, Ripple states that it will not make preys whole and transactions cannot be reversed. The official press release goes thus:

“Ledger and the users of the XRP Ledger are not customers of Ripple, therefore, Ripple does not have the power to reverse transactions, even in the case of a reported financial loss (ex: theft).”

XRP Price Update – XRP Price Trading Close To The “Make Or Break Levels”

XRP News Now – XRP price recently corrected lower abruptly and broke the $0.3000 support level against the U.S dollar. XRP price is currently trading close to the major $0.2640 support level and must break the $0.2900 level for a new price surge. XRP outlook – XRP price is consolidating above the major $0.2640 support level against the U.S dollar. BTC is also trading in a zone above the major $10,500 support level. There is a key bearish trendline establishing with resistance close to $0.2860 on the 4-hours chart of the XRP/USD pair.

Can Ripple XRP Price Rally once again?

Ripple Price Today USD – A clear break above the $0.2900 and $0.3000 levels is required for a push towards the $0.3400 level. This week saw the commencement of a major downside correction in XRP price beneath the $0.3200 and $0.300 support levels against the U.S dollar. Tradingview XRP – XRP price settled beneath the $0.3000 level and the 100 simple moving average.

XRP Price Prediction 2020 – Ripple XRP Price Forecast 2020

XRP News Now – The major support level on the downside is close to the $0.2640 level. If the XRP price fails to persist above the $0.3000 resistance level, there is a risk of a bearish breakout beneath the $0.2640 support level. XRP all-time high – the subsequent major support level is close to the $0.2460 level, beneath which the XRP bears might target a bigger price decline. If this happens, the next aim for the XRP bears could be close to the $0.2000 level in the forthcoming days.

Ripple XRP Hits Breakdown Levels

XRP Price Prediction 2020 – the MACD for XRP/USD pair is gradually moving back into the bullish zone, while the RSI for the XRP/USD pair is currently correction higher towards the 50 levels. XRP all-time high – the major resistance levels are $0.2860, $0.2900 and $0.3000, while the major support levels are $0.2640, $0.2450 and $0.2200.

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