Ethereum News Today – Headlines for February 23

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  • Ethereum on Xpring Will be a Reality Soon
  • Xpring will help Ethereum reach it’s one million developer target
  • Ripple’s Xpring has been bridging the gap

Ethereum News Today – Ethereum on Xpring is looking set to become a reality in the future. And this is about to happen because Ripple’s Xpring is going to bring two of the biggest crypto projects in the ecosystem together and ensure that their goals are put into action. The move to bring Ethereum to the Xpring platform is a collaboration between Ripple and Ethereum.

It was reportedly revealed to the public when the investment and development extension of Ripple, Xpring opted to sponsor the Ether Denver. The move will be one of the biggest Ethereum hackathon and conference in the U.S to bridge the gap between the two protocols involved (XRP and ETH). The goal is to make both cryptos interoperable. It is an effort to create a framework for Ethereum on Xpring.

Interledger Development

Ripples’ senior product head, Warren Paul Anderson, when explaining the decision to bring the Ethereum protocol to the Xpring platform, said Ripple’s Xpring was designed to serve as a developer platform. There was a need for a specific platform that will offer support for complex smart contracts tailored for the development of the decentralized finance sector.

This is the reason why Ripple’s Xpring is funding information technology specialists and developers at the ETH Denver to bridge the gap between both projects on Interledger (ILP) development. Interledger is a Ripple platform designed to facilitate Blockchain connectivity. According to Ripple, Xpring isn’t stopping in its ambition of connecting with other cryptocurrencies, as the entity is looking to operating more connections.

Ripple’s Xpring Has Been Bridging the Gap

As a part of the collaboration with other crypto protocols, Xpring has now pledged to help Ethereum reach its target of one million developers. Ethereum believes achieving this milestone will benefit other protocols in the ecosystem. The relationship between both crypto giants will come as a surprise to many when you consider the fact that both entities are competitors in the crypto sector. For example, the two crypto projects are built on the Blockchain network but they serve different goals.

Ripple is a company and its native coin is XRP. The entity is working with banks and other financial institutions to facilitate quicker money transfers. Meanwhile, Ethereum is a crypto platform designed to support decentralized applications. Bringing Ethereum to the Xpring platform would mean better adaptability for the Ether users. There is more to this partnership between two of the leading digital currencies.

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