Ripple Latest Update – Will The Ripple Inc. Ethereum Partnership Influence the Price of The XRP Token?

  • Ripple building a working relationship with Ethereum via Xpring
  • Developers should never be restricted in their creation – Ripple Project Manager
  • XRP Price Analysis – XRP price set to surge higher as technical indicator aligns
  • Ripple’s XRP spells bullish momentum

Ripple News Update – The recent event of Ripple building a bridge to link to Ethereum came as a surprise to the Ripple community. Ripple Executives – as uncommon as it seems, Ripple via its development and investment wing Xpring, is making precise moves targeted at establishing and sustaining a working relationship between Ripple and the Ethereum blockchain. XRP Projections – As gathered from the official Xpring blog post, the idea for this newly founded relationship was explained.

XRP (XRP) Price Today – XRP / USD

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Ripple Executives – Ripple’s Xpring was an official sponsor at the just concluded ETH Denver event. As one of the biggest ETH BUILDLAthons previously known as the hackathon globally, it is quite surprising to see Xpring as a part of the event. Ripple Executives – answering some of the frequently asked questions at the event was Ripple senior Project Manager Warren Paul Anderson. When asked – “WHAT IS RIPPLE DOING AT AN ETHEREUM THING?” Anderson declared that by default, Xpring is aimed at open-source software and protocols, with most of its engineers keen on this development.

Developers should never be restricted in their creation – Ripple Project Manager

Ripple Executives – Anderson highlights other open-source projects Xpring is working on including a link between C++ and the XRP Ledger. Also, he made mention of Java and the Interledger protocol. Ripple Projections – Furthermore, he added that there is a need for developers to not be retrained in their creations. According to Anderson, this is where a good working relationship comes to play because developers should never feel limited in their options and must be able to explore other possible solutions to issues.

XRP Price Analysis – XRP price set to surge higher as technical indicator aligns

XRP Price Analysis – The past few days in the crypto sphere has seen a lot of price variation. After surging last week, crypto giant BTC, ETH, and Ripple’s XRP and other smaller altcoins faced their values vat. It also liquidated millions of dollars worth of BTC on BitMex and other exchange platforms leveraging the token.

XRP Price Prediction 2020 – Ripple Price Prediction 2020

Prominent crypto commentator CJ recently commented on Twitter that XRP’s chart formation indicates that XRP will encounter a massive breakout soon to the upside. XRP TradingView – In his Chart, he showed the fact that for the past two weeks, XRP price has been establishing a declining wedge pattern, which mostly results in the upside. XRP Price Analysis – The wedge CJ drew in his Chart ends at the top of the demand level, which may serve as a support level around $0.24, adding to the prospect for the wedge to break upward, an occurrence which is debatable by most analysts. CJ suggests that the break will influence the XRP price positively to $0.35.


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