Tezos News Today – Headlines for February 23

  • Tezos has risen by 400% in the last six months
  • Tezos is set to become 2020’s unstoppable coin
  • Coinbase staking of Tezos another reason for the coin’s rise

Tezos News Today – Tezos has reportedly been on fire in the last six months and has risen by 400% in that period. This move by the digital asset has left investors scratching their heads regarding the catalyst of Tezos’s astronomical rise in the last 6 months. However, it could be in part due to the network’s clever marketing move with the popular crypto trading platform Coinbase. This move is believed to be what’s driving extreme FOMO into the number 10 largest crypto by market cap. Let’s see more below.

Tezos, the Unstoppable Altcoin is 2020 Crypto Market Champion

The price of Tezos began this year in an explosive manner. The coin’s value rose by 225% since January. Two months later, despite a 28% pullback in between, the price of Tezos isn’t showing any signs of slowing down. The Tezos platform is designed to operate Security Token Offerings. STOs are digital, tokenized versions of an IPO where traditional securities take advantage of Blockchain technology to provide transparency, validation, and tracking.

Much like the Ethereum protocol, Tezos will perform strongly as STOs become more relevant. There are other factors driving Tezos’s recent stardom. The digital asset is one of the top performers in the crypto market this year. It skyrocketed from the bottom to the top ten cryptos.

Coinbase Staking Addition Another Factor Driving the Coin

Additionally, Tezos is shining is because one of the most popular digital currency exchanges in the world now promotes the staking with the altcoin. This is just one aspect that will likely encourage investors to purchase more. Via a tweet, one ecstatic crypto investor shared a clip of his Tezos staking earnings as they pile up in real-time. The thrill of watching your portfolio value skyrocket in real-time during bull runs is unimaginable. The gains provided by Tezos stack up when staking whether the market is surging or not.

If that was not enough to cause investor FOMO, as the trader further encourages XTZ holders to try staking for themselves on Coinbase. Coinbase also offers Tezos holders some extra XTZ tokens for attempting to staking. With Coinbase essentially paying users in XTZ to take stake for a test drive, most investors will likely do so and enjoy the benefits that Tezos provides when compared to other digital assets. Once they see how quickly the price of Tezos is rising, and how fast their staking rewards are piling up in real-time, they will likely investor more capital in the altcoin.

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