Litecoin News Today – LTC Price Has Exhibited Moderate Volatility in the Last 24-hours, February 29th, 2020 

  • Litecoin price shows moderate volatility in last 24-hours
  • Today, the LTC price began trading up by 2.34%
  • The MACD pattern is bearish for LTC/USD

Litecoin News Today – The digital currency market is currently reflecting the bearish signals that began last week. The bulk of the digital coins’ in the market are holding a bearish divergence at press time. This will likely be a sign that the price of Litecoin will face several intraday momentum and go on to recover soon. The price of Litecoin is reportedly behaving dramatically since the beginning of trade today. LTC was hovering around the $60 mark in the past 4 hours after opening day. Most intraday traders may experience a slight downward pattern which may result in some loss. Thus, traders are recommended to wait and hold their investment a little longer.

Litecoin (LTC) Price Today – LTC / USD


LTC Price Traded at $63.35 Yesterday Before Exhibiting Moderate Volatility in Last 24-Hours

Yesterday, the price of Litecoin was trading at the $61.70 area and eventually, the coin’s price escalated to the $63.35 position within the next hour. During the following few hours, the price of Litecoin also experienced a drop as prices moved from the $63.35 to the $59.64 positing a 5.74% drop during that duration. The coin improved to $61.17 by 2.45% just to drop again at $57.51. Litecoin price also improved to the $59.16 posting a 2.86% gain only to go back to the $56.90 posting a 4.02% decline. The price of LTC also improved to the $59.86 later on posting a 5.19% gain. At 14:28 UTC, the price of the coin grew to $60.39 gaining 3.16%. It moved back to $57.94 dropping another 4.07% before escalating to the $61.30 area with a 5.74% increase.

MACD Pattern for LTC/USD is Bearish

As trading approached the closing hour, the price of LTC reflected a plunge. No wonder the trading day ended with a -2.87% drop in price. Today, the Litecoin price began trading with a 2.34% increase in valuation after it moved from the $60.04 area to the $61.24 position while at press time the coin was trading at the $60.52 area after a slight regression. The MACD pattern of the LTC/USD appears to be bearish because the signal pattern for Litecoin crosses above it. The price of the digital asset seems to move near the immediate resistance position of $62.67. However, going by the MACD chart, LTC/USD might drop to the immediate support point of $57.34.

The LTC/USD pair went to have resistance at $62.67, $65.59 and $68. Meanwhile, the support position appeared at the $57.34, $54.93 and $52.01 positions respectively.


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