Cardano Latest News – FED Chairman Tries to Restore Calm Amidst Crypto Market Crash, February 29th, 2020

  • FED Chairman Reassures Investors After Market Crash Around The World
  • Crypto Is A Safe Haven Says Cardano Co-Founder
  • Cardano ADA Price Movement Indicates A Massive Hold around $0.048
  • Positive price trends impending for the coming period

Cardano News Update – Regardless of the recent market crash, the crypto community continues to be positive, traders are optimistic prices will surge again. One of those positive about the crypto market is Cardano CEO, Charles Hoskinson. In the previous week, markets around the globe crashed, it also affected gold. The recent development has impelled the FED chairman to release a press statement calming investors on the strength of the economy.

Crypto Is A Safe Haven Says Cardano Co-Founder

Cardano News Today – Though the crypto market faced some turbulence last week, crypto has been a haven for conventional markets. It lacks alliance with the stocks market, this has made crypto a must-having during stock downfalls. Altering the trend this week was the conventional market nose-diving, hence the crypto market following the same trend. Commenting on market development, some analysts shared their thought on Twitter.

Cardano (ADA) Price Today – ADA / USD


Cardano News Update – Regardless of the bearish projections by some analysts, Cardano CEO Charles Hoskinson still believes that crypto is a haven. He states that if SARS-CoV-2 also known as Coronavirus escalates, the only safe place traders and investors can turn to will be crypto. His statement came shortly after the FED chairman Powell released a press statement on the losses in the markets. Even with Fed’s reassurance, some analysts believe this is an indication of coming rate cuts, prominent analyst Peter Schiff tweeted his thought on this.

Cardano ADA Price Movement Indicates A Massive Hold around $0.048

Cardano Price Analysis – Previously, ADA was trading at $0.0499, the price surged to $0.0512 in the next two hours and the coin plunged to $0.0482 by 5.7%. afterward, ADA price surged to $0.0494 by 2.41%. Cardano Prediction 2020 – Sadly it was unable to hold the level, and it plummeted to $0.0469 by 5% just to increase back to $0.0483 and encounter a massive decline to $0.0468 by 3.13%. The next 5hours saw ADA increasing to $0.0492 by 5.00% and declined to $0.0475 followed by a surge of 2.88%.

Positive Price Trends on the Way fit Cardano ADA

Cardano Price Prediction 2020 – for the last couple of days, ADA has been under severe selling pressure. Currently, ADA price is showing firm grip over the momentum and it seems it is moving to the positive zone. Cardano Prediction 2020 – ADA holds a market cap of $1,285,993,040 and the 24-hour volume at $151,923,465. The intraday movement is projected to remain bearish, though the long-term projection is expected to be bullish.

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