Cardano News Update – IOHK’s Primary Objective this Year is to Educate the World On Cardano (ADA)

  • Plans in motion to educate people about Cardano (ADA)
  • IOHK makes education its major goal for the year 2020
  • IOHK Also Focusing On Programming Languages
  • Series Of Training Lined Up To Be Held In Other Locations

Cardano News Update – IOHK, the company behind Cardano blockchain recently announced that it will commence educating people about Cardano this year. Cardano Shelley – The company has formulated a comprehensive plan for 2020 that will see more education materials, lectures, and courses released to connect the company’s academic papers and conventional understanding of Cardano.

IOHK makes education its major goal for the year 2020

Cardano News Now – As part of the company’s strategy, IOHK has commenced working on improving transparency by releasing weekly and monthly reports on the latest development with Cardano. Cardano Staking – to hasten the process, the company recently announced that it will also work on extending its educational materials to help its community grasp the Cardano project better. The official statement from IOHK reads thus:

“The IOHK education team will be investing significant time and effort this year in broadening our range of materials.”

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Cardano News Today – Cardano stated that it will develop “a variety of learning and training assets” which will be focused on both the Cardano community and Cardano developers. Cardano Shelley – An aspect of the educational efforts will also be focused on enterprises. Notably, IOHK stated that it is essential to inform decision-makers on the issues that can be solved by Cardano.

IOHK Also Focusing On Programming Languages

Cardano Latest News – so far there has been a series of lectures on IOHK’s smart contract programming languages, Plutus and Marlowe. These lectures have already been held at the University of Malta. Cardano Staking – IOHK’s efforts to educate users on its programming languages have so far gotten a positive response. According to the company, over 5,000 users have signed up for their free Udemy courses on Plutus and Marlowe.

Cardano News Today – the acceptance of these courses impelled the company to work on the second edition of its Plutus ebook, which is projected to be released later this year. Cardano Shelley – Also, there has been work on the content on Cardano’s proof-of-Stake (PoS), as it is a massive open online course (MOOC) on its programming language, Haskell.

Series Of Training Lined Up To Be Held In Other Locations

Cardano News Now – Thus far, online courses are not the only aspect the company plans to focus on, IOHK added that thorough classroom-based courses on Haskell and Plutus were to be held in Mongolia. Cardano Staking – Also, a series of training workshops are being planned to take place around the globe with Quebec being the first place in Spring.

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