Cardano Latest Update – IOHK CEO Awaits Two Milestones Before Announcing Shelley Launch Date, March 3rd, 2020

  • Cardano 75% confident Shelley Could Launch In The Next Two Months
  • Cardano ADA Price Plummets Beneath 0.049350 Level

Cardano Shelley – The CEO of IOHK, Charles Hoskinson declared that the company will not release a launch date for Shelley mainnet until it is sure all the risks attached to it were eliminated. Cardano Testnet – in a video update by Hoskinson, he stated that the Byron reboot and the release of the Cardano Shelley Haskell testnet are finalized, the company will be able to fix a release safe for its Cardano staking era.

Cardano 75% confident Shelley Could Launch In The Next Two Months

Cardano Latest Update – Cardano Shelley is the era the blockchain company establishes to bring forth Cardano staking.  Cardano Shelley was projected to be released on the mainnet at the end of February, though as February has come to an end, Cardano Shelley is still in the testnet mode. Hoskinson assured the ADA community that the release date is close. Adding that the company is uncertain if Cardano Shelley will launch smoothly. Hoskinson stated: 

“So rather than giving a date that could have a chance of being inaccurate (…) I wanted to wait for a few more milestones to be achieved.”

Cardano Staking – Hoskinson declared that the Cardano is currently 75% confident that Shelley could be released with the next two months. Adding that the remaining 25% probability that the launch could fail was too much risk for the company to go through with announcing an actual date.

Cardano ADA Price Plummets Beneath 0.049350 Level

ADA Price Analysis – ADA decline beneath the $0.049350 level on Monday. ADA was trading at 0.049350 by 16.43, down by 7.76% on the day. ADA was the largest 1-day percentage loss since March 2, 2020. Cardano Price Prediction 2020 – the move downwards pulled ADA’s market cap down to $1.27513 billion or 0.49% of the whole cryptocurrency market cap. At its peak, ADA’s market cap was at $23.91700 billion.

Cardano (ADA) Price Today – ADA / USD


Cardano Price Prediction 2020 – ADA has traded in a zone of $0.045451 – $0.049784 in the past 24-hours. Over the past seven days, ADA has seen a decline in value as it lost 15.94%. Cardano Price Prediction 2020 – ADA trading volume in the past 24-hours was $107.55765 million or 0.06% of the whole volume of all cryptocurrencies. In the past seven days, ADA has traded in a zone of $0.0451 – $0.0591. The next few days of trading will determine if the price action of Cardano ADA will move higher or lower. Traders need to be on high alert so they can take action when necessary. 

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