Cardano Latest Update – Cardano To Launch Scalability Via Hydra Sharding, March 10th, 2020 

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  • Cardano ADA Price Analysis – ADA Declines by 13% in Recent Selloff

Cardano Staking – Years of intense research have seen Cardano scaling through the second-layer solution, Hydra, which is projected to majorly increase scaling via its many “heads.” Cardano Shelley – a recent announcement from IOHK founder Charles Hoskinson stated that Cardano is bringing sharding to its blockchain via Hydra, which is Cardano’s latest scalability innovation.

Cardano (ADA) Price Today – ADA / USD


Cardano Shelley – According to Hoskinson, Hydra is the outcome of five years of intensive research and efforts of over two dozens team members. Cardano Staking – The team released its initial creation paper in November and submitted its conference paper to USENIX in September. For the first time, the paper is now available to the general public.

Cardano Staking – Hoskinson added that Hydra is a major part of Cardano’s primary efforts to establish Oroborous, a scalable Proof-of-Stake (PoS) protocol that can maintain performance as adoption increases. Hoskinson went thus: “The capstone of this entire research agenda is Oroborous Hydra.”

Hydra Team

Cardano Shelley – IOHK is currently forming a Hydra team that will come and execute Hydra in parallel with Cardano’s other development stages. Cardano Staking – Hoskinson declared that Hydra developers will not “start from zero” due to the existing work done by Lightning Labs and other state channel researchers. Cardano Shelley – there have been several developers working to bring sharding to Ethereum in the past few years. If Hydra is executed successfully, then Cardano may have to resolve the obstinate scalability issues encountered by Ethereum and its challengers.

Cardano Staking – also, Hydra will be extended to allow for interoperability with platforms like Bitcoin and the Lighting Network. This will allow Cardano and Hydra to support payment systems and decentralized exchanges in the long term. Cardano Shelley – Hydra will also provide stake pool operators with a second revenue source in addition to stake rewards. Hoskinson went thus: “We’re excited to add this solution for accelerating Cardano and taking us to the next generation.”

Cardano ADA Price Analysis – ADA Declines by 13% in Recent Selloff

ADA Price Prediction 2020 – ADA was down by 12.78% on Monday trading at $0.041093. It was the biggest one-day percentage loss since September 24, 2019. The downwards trade pulled ADA’s market cap down to $1.06978 billion or 0.00% of the whole cryptocurrency market cap. At its peak, ADA’s market cap was $23.91700 billion.

ADA Price Prediction 2020 – ADA had traded in a zone of $0.040747 – $0.043895 in the past 24-hours. Over the past seven days, ADA has encountered a decline in value, as it lost 14.9%. the volume of ADA coin traded in the past 24-hours was $131.41951 million or 0.00% of the whole volume of all cryptocurrencies. It has traded in a zone of $0.0523 – $0.0523 in the past 7 days.


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