VeChain News Today – Headlines for March 10

  • Bitrue opens 4th round of investments for VeChain
  • Bitrue is offering 10.2% monthly interests for VeChain
  • Each crypto on Bitrue’s radar will have a fixed cap

VeChain News Today – according to reports, rising cryptocurrency exchange Bitrue, has opened its latest round of investments in cryptos like VeChain, XRP, and BTC. This announcement was reportedly made via Bitrue’s official twitter handle with more information on the matter on its site. Per the report, Bitrue’s lock-up investment will start on March 11. The scheme will be the fourth in the series. The Bitrue users will be offered a limited window for staking their coins on the platform over a 30 day period at fixed interest rates.

Bitrue to Offer 10.2% Monthly Interest Rate

Via the post about the announcement, we learn that Bitrue listed several coins that would qualify or be eligible for their investment offer. These crypto projects include the number one token, Bitcoin. Others include VeChain and XRP. The exchange will also offer a 10.2% interest rate for VET, BTC, and XRP. While the other coin on its roaster USDT will be attached with a higher interest rate of 13.2%.

Additionally, each of the crypto projects on Bitrue’s radar will be given a fixed Cap. This Cap will be available for all users of these tokens on the exchange to invest in. Here is how the exchange puts it:

  • Bitcoin has a cap of 100BTC
  • XRP has a fixed Cap of 5,000,00
  • VET has a fixed Cap of 100,000,000

Users Who Fail to Meet Up With the Investment Can Stake BTR Token

In addition to the above benefits, the announcement revealed that the exchange will allow all users who can not meet up with their investment the opportunity to stake with the platform’s native token. This is the BTR token on Bitrue exchange. The BTR coin will automatically be locked for 30 days along with the other staked coins.

Bitrue has finally revealed that its lock-up investment would stay locked from March 5. They also revealed that the investments will yield reasonable returns on April 13. This will be after all the staked tokens and interest rates would have been returned to user accounts.

Bitrue is becoming one of the top crypto exchanges in the Asian continent. It is a platform that allows members from all over the world. The exchange is a regulated exchange. It has offices in countries across the continent including Taiwan and Singapore. The Bitrue exchange has a high liquidity rate with the platform having an overall market capitalization of $266,521,931 at press time.

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