Cardano News Today – Cardano Celebrates 5th Anniversary Of ADA – March 12th, 2020

  • CoronaVirus Outbreak Affects Market Price.
  • Cardano Celebrates 5th Anniversary Of ADA 
    ADA Sets Bullish Sights On The Next Half Decade

Cardano Latest News – Cardano celebrated its 5th anniversary on March 11, 2020. The innovative blockchain and crypto project was launched on March 1, 2015. The CEO and founder Charles Hokinson shared in a twitter post the milestones the blockchain has achieved since inception. ADA Price Prediction 2020 – ADA is currently one of the major coins in the crypto market; it is currently trading around $0.039. a market cap of $1 billion, a trading volume of $88.8 million, and a circulating supply of about 25.9 billion tokens.

  • ADA Sets Bullish Sights On The Next Half Decade
    Cardano Shelley – the Corona virus has continued to make headlines globally and has influenced the falling stock and cryptocurrency market. BTC and the whole cryptocurrency market have also declined in recent hours. Cardano Staking – Contrary to the projections that ADA will continue to decline, the founder of Cardano Charles Hokinson stated that Cryptocurrencies will benefit massively from the crisis.
    Cardano (ADA) Price Today – ADA / USD

    Cardano Staking – According to Hokinson, cryptocurrencies like ADA will be the biggest beneficiary of the current crisis. Adding that Banks can shut down, freeze customer accounts, making customer’s money inaccessible and lost. Cardano Shelley – Hoskinson argued that the ADA Daedalus wallet will not have the same fate as banks, that it cannot be frozen. He went thus:
    “Should the worst-case scenario happen, I think crypto is going to fare extremely well because cause the general public won’t be so happy, that their bank accounts are locked.”
    Cardano Staking – Hoskinson declared that the second phase scaling solution Hydra will push Cardano to the top as the fastest cryptocurrencies. Adding that the Hydra phase is a germane solution that can only be utilized for ADA and hence offers an exceptional selling point that no other cryptocurrency can duplicate yet.
    Cardano Shelley – Hoskinson shared that a precise date has not been fixed for the launch of the Byron Reboot update; though he is promising it will be released soon. This update represents the second major goal in March for the preparation of the launch of Cardano Shelley. It was declared that this information will be released in the future by Cardano’s product managers. The team will be involved in marketing activities in the future.
    ADA Establishes Bullish Target For The Next Half Decade
    ADA Price Prediction 2020 – Within the last 24 hours, ADA price declined by 10.12%, which is in line with the current market sentiment to $0.0365. Currently, ADA ranks 13th among the largest cryptocurrencies globally with a market cap of $1.17 billion. It is yet unknown if a trend reversal can commence soon.

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