Tron TRX News Today – March 14, 2020

  • The price of Tron has fallen by 2% in the last 24-hours
  • Tron price dropped by 40% in the past seven days
  • TronWallet app is now available in 57 languages

Tron news today – The rate at which the price of Tron’s TRX has dropped in recent days and weeks has been alarming. The coin lost a whopping 40% in the last 7 days. The coin also dropped by 2% in the last 24-hours of trade. However, the charts indicate that the decline that TRX experienced over the past week was more profound at 40%. This move took the price of TRX to the $0.01 support area. Let us see how this action happened.

Tron Price Has Dropped 40% in the Past Week

Despite several attempts to stage a recovery from the recent price dump, the price of Tron has dropped by over 40% in the past seven days. Via the 4-hour chart of TRX/USD, the digital asset is creating a short-term growth pattern. It is still too early to consider a potential trend reversal. But, growth to the coming liquidity position of $0.12 will soon happen. Additionally, the coin has been oversold and there are no active sellers who can push prices lower anymore. When you consider a bigger time frame, Tron’s bearish trend just started. Tron’s Moving averages via the daily chart have started to drop, even the MACD indicator. In this situation, we can expect a fresh price drop to the $0.006 area before any upward correction can happen. The Tron price was changing hands at $0.0107 as of when this content was published.

TronWallet App Now Available in 57 Different Languages

In other reports relating to the Tron network, TronWallet has revealed that it is happy to announce the TronWallet App in 57 local languages on both the App Store and Google Play. This move is another milestone for the crypto network. The TronWallet initiative aims to ensure that the world becomes more interconnected when it comes to using cryptos like Bitcoin, Tron, and other offerings in a less complicated way. The TronWallet application was previously made available in languages like Arabic, Danish, English, Dutch, German, Indonesian, Korean, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish, Spanish, and Swedish.

Per the report, all Tron wallet users from around the globe are excited over the launch of the new languages on the TronWallet application. According to a recent tweet, one TronWallet user stated that the TronWallet has a bright future in the digital asset industry. This is true as collectively, the community believes that the TronWallet app has a great future ahead if the current crypto market situation does not destroy crypto one day.

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