Tron News Today – Headlines For March 20

  • Justin Sun accused of censoring content related to Hive
  • Steem community proposes a hard fork to reject the takeover
  • Hive gets large community support

Tron News Today – according to the most recent news about the Steemit and Tron Foundation saga, Tron chief Justin Sun has come under criticism for censoring content on the Steemit platform. Sun is accused of taking down all content related to the community-proposed Hive’ hard fork on Steemit’s platform.

Per the report, one crypto influencer called Girl Gone Crypto posted a Tweet to report that her “neutral explainer video” relating to the March 20 hard fork had been taken down from the Steemit Blockchain.

Hive Hard Fork Will Allow Steem Community Reject Justin Sun’s Takeover

The Hive hard fork was revealed on March 18 as a community-led proposal against Tron founder’s attempts to dominate the Steem network. Recall that on February 14, Sun acquired Steemit Inc. Steemit Inc is reportedly the biggest front-end interface to Steem’s Blockchain. Sun acquired roughly 20% of the firm’s total token supply of (STEEM) in the process. This acquisition or hostile takeover by Sun resulted in calls from the community for a fresh hard fork to stop Sun’s STEEM tokens from getting mobilized for a vote on governance.

Crypto exchanges Huobi and Binance were informed of an upcoming upgrade. They voted along with Sun’s Poloniex exchange to oust Steem’s Blockchain’s 20 node operators. After the backlash, both Huobi and Binance withdrew their votes and announced support for the proposed Hive hard fork. The hard fork will airdrop HIVE tokens to STEEM at a 1:1 ration aside the founder’s reward which is being held by Sun.

Hive Gets Widespread Community Support

It appears that the Hive hard fork has large support from the community. That is it is supported by the majority of Steem’s community members. This has caused the price of STEEM to skyrocket by a whopping 200% in just 16 hours following the announcement of the hard fork. On March 19, Steempeak, the second-largest front-end interface on the Steem, conducted a poll that queried community members regarding which chain they plan to support after the Hive hard fork. Scott Jarvie, Steempeak’s co-founder said he has identified unanimous support for the Hive hard fork among the 200+ responses that the poll has received at press time.

Jarvie added that the community will not be surprised about Hive having some issues to start operations. All in all, things look good for the Hive hard fork. Steempeak will reportedly be launching its Hive-based site with a fresh domain name. The company said that more developments on this will be announced shortly.

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