Bitcoin Cash Latest Update – BCH Set For Major Bounce Back Just a Few Days Away From Halving – March 22nd, 2020 

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  • Bitcoin Cash BCH is 17 days away from Its Halving
  • Bitcoin Cash BCH Price Analysis – Bch Trading In a Bullish/Neutral Zone 

Bitcoin Cash Halving – The whole crypto market has had a pretty rough week, after a total bounce faced by the whole crypto market, BCH bounced back with 5.22%, the coin is now consolidating. BCH saw a massive 42% bounce in two days and was able to break above the daily 12-period EMA. The BCH bulls are positive and are patiently waiting for the forthcoming halving event. The Bitcoin Cash Halving event is projected to happen in about 17 days from now.

Bitcoin Cash BCH is 17 days away from Its Halving

Bitcoin Cash Price – the whole crypto market has persisted from the first bounce on March 13, 2020. It is now far less connected with the conventional stock market which has continued to plunge. This is positive news for everyone in the cryptosphere as BTC might never encounter a lower low beneath $129. Bitcoin Cash Halving – currently, the BCH bulls have been able to establish a daily uptrend after setting a higher low at $147 and the new high at $245. Though BCH was able to clear and close above the daily 12-period EMA three days ago, it is now just beneath it.

Bitcoin Cash Price – The daily RSI remains low at 40 points, this means the BCH bulls will not encounter any resistance any time soon. The 4-hour chart has established a huge lower-wick candlestick a few hours ago when the BCH bulls bought the decline and recovered majorly, though with no signs of continuation. Bitcoin Cash Price – the 4-hour chart is currently on the brink of confirming a downtrend even though the BCH bulls have been defending the 12-period EMA so far. Although the hourly chart is not yet in a downtrend the BCH bulls have lost both EMAs.

BCH Price Analysis – Bch Trading In a Bullish/Neutral Zone

Bitcoin Cash Halving – even if the BCH bulls lose the hourly and 4-hour uptrend moves, the bulls will still retain the daily uptrend and they would need to lose the $147 level to realize this. Bitcoin Cash Price – The daily MACD recently crossed the bullish line for the first time since February 15, 2020, when it lost it. This is a major improvement and indicates that the BCH bulls have a firm grip on the token.

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Price Today – BCH / USD

Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin Cash Halving – The daily RSI remains at 40 points and it is not crossing to the overbought zone any time soon. BCH price is currently beneath the 12-period EMA nut if the BCH bulls manage to close above the price again, it will imply a major shift in trading momentum for BCH.


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