Tron News Today – Headlines for March 26

  • Tron enters a new partnership with Metal Pay
  • The goal of the partnership is to simplify cross-border transactions
  • The new arrangement will allow Tron to tap into the US market

Tron News Today – the Tron network has decided to join forces with Metal Pay. Metal Pay is an international remittance processor. The goal of the collaboration is to offer the purchase of TRX with USD. It will help users to send what they receive across the globe.

Recall that an earlier report indicated that the Democratic Party of the United States proposed that the government increases the pace at which the process of the digital dollar will be launched. Officials hope that this offering will ease the challenges encountered by transfer emergency payouts to the country as a part of the $6 trillion impetus package issued by the government.

Tron Will Play a Huge Role In Steadying the Ship

Currently, the United States’ citizens are living in one of the most crucial times of their lives, which is all about containing the spread of the coronavirus that began in Wuhan China. This plan by the authorities is designed to help bring the economy get to its feet as quickly as possible. In a similar fashion to Hungary and China’s move to dispose of lumps sums of cash to curb the spread of the Wuhan virus.

Now, crypto experts in the U.S have suggested that the Trump-led administration follows the footsteps of China and turns to crypto instead to stabilize things. Thus, the Tron network has attempted to make the most of the unique situation presented by the outbreak to partner with Metal Pay. The arrangement with the San Francisco-based peer-to-peer payments processor will simplify cross-border transactions.

TRON/Metal Pay Collaborate to Simplify Cross-border Transactions

Tron announced that its association with San Francisco-based Metal Pay would facilitate the exposure of Tron’s TRX tokens in the United States. United States citizens will be able to buy TRX with fiat money (USD), and debit card, or by linking it to their bank accounts directly. Additionally, if Tron users select Metal Pay services for the transfer of the USD, they will receive a 5% cashback in MTL tokens. MTL’s cryptocurrency-to-cryptocurrency conversions, involving 20 plus digital currencies, will add the TRX token to its expanding list.

Metal Pay’s founder and CEO, Marshall Hayner, said collaborating with Tron is a crucial step for Metal Pay as the entity now has access to Tron’s innovative DeFi platform. Additionally, Tron’s impeccable experience in the decentralized model’s sector will help to strengthen Metal Pay’s ecosystem as the company continues breeding products, dApps, and developers for the future.

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