Cardano Latest Update – IOHK CEO Charles Hoskinson Accuses Wikipedia is Censoring Him – March 27th, 2020 

  • Cardano Price Analysis – ADA Surges by 5.04% overnight; Exceeds the $0.0310 level
  • Cardano ADA Price Analysis – ADA Bullish Start to the Day

Cardano News Today – Cardano Co-founder Charles Hoskinson in a recent tweet declared that Wikipedia is removing his project’s paper as a citation. Hoskinson has asked his followers to “file a complaint to Wikimedia” on the removals. Hoskinson made this accusation on March 25, 2020, where he claimed Wikipedia has been censoring him repeatedly. Cardano News Update – Although it appears like Wikipedia has been removing any citation of Cardano’s research paper from its article on “Proof-of-Stake” steadily.

Cardano News Now – Going by the online encyclopedia, the major reason cited for the removal is “conflict of interest.” Other major details on the issue are still ambiguous. It is well-known in the past that Wikipedia has a reservation towards the board of cryptocurrency projects that tried to link their projects to already-existing articles. Cardano News Today – Hoskinson is not having any of it; he has stirred up his followers several times before using sensationalism. Commenting on this, Hoskinson went thus:

“Wikipedia commercial censorship, the single most cited proof of stake paper can’t be mentioned in the PoS article!? – @IOHK_Charles”

Cardano Price Analysis – ADA Surges by 5.04% overnight; Exceeds the $0.0310 level

ADA Price Prediction 2020 – in the last 24 hours, the ADA market has taken an abrupt step towards price recovery. ADA has been trading in the frontier, the token was up by 5.04%, and its current value is at $0.031016. ADA Prediction 2020 – the price trend in the past 7 days shows a moderate price movement. ADA traded in a bullish zone on March 20, though it declined on the same day. Afterward, the token continued to trade with a downside price momentum. After attaining $0.026 on March 23, 2020, ADA commenced a price recovery and broke the $0.030 mark in the days that ensued.

Cardano ADA Price Analysis – ADA Bullish Start to the Day

ADA Prediction 2020 – However, yesterday, ADA price traded around $0.029, though today, it commenced the day in a positive zone. ADA Price Prediction 2020 – yesterday saw ADA token trade around $0.029527, and in the first 9 hours, it surged by 2% that drove ADA price to $0.0301176. It was followed shortly by a 2.66% decline in the value, and this swing pushed the ADA value down to $0.029316.

Cardano (ADA) Price Today – ADA / USD


ADA Prediction 2020 – After the price decline, ADA recorded an abrupt upside movement, ADA has managed to increase by almost 7% and this swing pulled ADA price to $0.031363. The major resistance levels are $0.0311, $0.0316 and $0.0325, while the major support levels are $0.0298, $0.0288 and $0.284.

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